Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally...another post....

...from me. I've been a slack blogger, I know. Just haven't been able to sit and blog for some reason. Anyway...I'm back now.

Did a load of scrapping before Christmas, will upload layouts over next few posts.
Christmas has been and gone. it was pretty quiet here, just us and Mum. Izzy and Abby (his girlfriend) were in and out visiting her family as well and Tracey left about 10 ish to spend the day with her boyfriends family. Was cool to have everyone wake up here to their Santa stockings tho. We had candles burning through the day for Dad and Olly. DH and I did some juggling and got some of the kids to give us some vouchers and, combined with some we had already, got ourselves a new espresso machine and burr grinder. Still haven't quite got it all right yet but my coffees are improving. I also got Fat Freddy's Drop (love those guys) and U2 CD's, some glasses, a lunchbox for work, petrol to cover our trip to Wgtn in March, a photo frame, some beading things and can't remember what else. Boys all seemed happy with their haul and we are still eating leftovers!! In fact some food we bought for Christmas we haven't even cooked or opened yet LOL. As caterers we have problems with food quantities!!!

Toby is away at rowing training camp atm and DH is frantic at work till mid or late Jan so it's pretty quiet round here. Tracey is working madly to save for her Netball trip to Aussie in a couple of weeks and DS (18) and girlfriend have just headed off to Whitianga for New Years.

I'm working thru (except for stats) but work is pretty quiet. Haven't plucked up the courage to take my scrapping stuff into work tho ha, ha. Planning on reorganising my scraproom (again!!!!) this weekend and getting some stuff done.

Will post again soon.

Happy New Year and may 2007 be filled with good things for you. May you also have the courage and strength to face the 'not so good' things that come your way too, cos they invariably will I've decided.


Sandra :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not much blogging happening....

....from me at the moment. Guess I am winding down a bit, and just managing what I can. Christmas is a very hard time of year for us, with one of our babies gone. This will be our third Christmas without our beloved Olly and I thought I was doing well but it's starting to kick in now. Had a pretty fragile day yesterday. Goes with the territory I guess.....I just didn't choose the territory.
Just placed a wee order at KS and Phillippa forgot me at Lime Tart so she's sending an extra wee pressie so that will all help lol. Went to Whakatane to crop with Dianna and Tash on Saturday too and that was fun.
Not very organised for the Christmas thing...have made cards and have some ideas for pressies. Will be our first Christmas without Dad too. It's going to be a quiet affair, just us and Mum as my brother and his family are heading up North for a holiday. Tracey will be with us too I think, although she might go to her boyfriends family. It's pretty wierd for her too as her family are going to be overseas.
Anyway, best get ready for work and rustle up some energy to talk to people and be pleasant ha, ha. In honour of Olly here is a picture of my boys on Christmas day in 2001. Olly is the one pulling a silly smiley face...he always did that when you pointed a camera at him!! It's sometimes so hard to believe that those times were only 5 years ago....things have changed so much and they are all so BIG now too.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to....

.....ME. Today is my birthday and I am 40 something!! I decided coz it was a Saturday and it was my birthday I would have a party...a 'girlfriends lunch'. I have had 15 of my wonderful girlfriends over for a lovely lunch on our deck. I enjoy catering so I made all the food. I was so spoilt, as I never realised everyone would bring pressies!!! It was cool to have some scrapping/blogging friends there (waves to Dianna and Andrea) Sorry about making you ask people questions Dianna! Here are some pics of our day.

Caio for now

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here are some pics of my creations recently.
This is a layout I did at scrapcamp, and I've put it in the SO Nov challenge coz it fits (b&w photo, black cardstock and 2 patt papers from SO) Paper is Junkitz Laguna guy and I'm loving those Heidi Swapp clear letters atm.

This is the layout I did at camp with the challenge pack. The papers looked very 'heritagy' so I used these photos from Elliots dedication. The gown in over 100 years old and unfortunately we don't have any photos of the detail in it. Suffice to say it is beautiful and I was scared all the way through all the childrens dedication services that they would poo or chuck on it lol. Very special times and memories. This last pic is of the christmas cards I have started to make. I LOVED the card set we made with Nic Howard at camp and have used her designs and Yolandes triangle Christmas trees (thanks guys!) and the papers from my Lime Tart 6x6 kit....soooo yummy. I would never have normally put pink on my Christmas cards. Will make more this week I'm so inspired.

Must go. Need to tidy the bombsite (aka scraproom).....again. And do some other stuff.


Monday, November 20, 2006

It's all on around here...

...well for me at least. I had a ball at scrapcamp. Told Raewyn on the way over that I wasn't so much worried about getting lots of layouts done but on chatting to people and mixing a bit more. I did just that and met heaps of new people from blogs I read etc. Hi all!!!! (waving furiously) I loved both classes and managed to do a couple of layouts too. It's been all go here since I came back....full on at work, had Mum over for tea and I have a course in Rotorua Tues and Wed. Better go and pack. I am staying with another scrapping friend and I am going to take my Lime Tart 6x6 kit to make a start on my Christmas cards (a la Nic Howards ones we did in the class - but they weren't Christmas ones iykwim) Will probably talk all night. LOL
Came home from work to see Janet had posted that she was giving away a load of scrapping stuff (thanks for the heads up Janine) so I raced around to her house and grabbed it all. Lots of goodies which I will share with my Thurs night girls.
Better go and pack again. See you later in the week with some pics hopefully.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I can't wait....

...only 1 more sleep (and 2 days of work) to go till scrapcamp. I am so not organised but I will end up throwing everything together and will just deal with what I have with me when I get there. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with Raewyn, a friend who I have got hooked on scrapping (sorry Darren!!) It should be fun coz the class projects look awesome. Just have to remember to get some sleep or I won't cope with work next week (oh shame!!!)
DS and 'lovely teenage girl who is still living with us' finished school yesterday so now for exams. Toby really needs to do well to pick up enough credits to pass so we will see. DH is on tenterhooks waiting for some news too so it's all mildly stress city round here. Might be a good thing I'm dissappearing off to scrapcamp lol.

Woohoo, got my first lime tart kit yesterday. What awesome goodies, all beautifully coordinated. Can't wait to play with them at camp. best go and get showered and into the day.

Ta raaa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No scrapping pics....

...but piccies of jewellery instead. Made this necklace and earrings this week at my class. This could be dangerous. I'm enjoying this beading small doses.

On the scrapping front, I started a LO of Toby's ball photo's and had a 'accident' all over the floor and desk with my silver embossing powder. Consequently, I have just left the mess there and haven't got back to clean it up. Where is the 'clean up fairy' when you need her???
Slowly getting used to working all the time. Will be knackered after scrapcamp weekend. If you call in here and you are going to scrapcamp, please let me know so I can look out for you. I like meeting my 'imaginary friends' in person.

Caio for now

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another week under my belt...

and I'm exhausted again...but I think I'll get used to it. Enjoying the work so far. And I got paid...Yay. Now to play catch up on the bills and maxxed out visa card.
Tracey, our extra teenager atm, is fitting in fine around here. Not sure if she'll be with us for long but am enjoying having another girl around. Good for my boys too I think. She is certainly no problem behaviourwise but I think she finds our household quite hilarious. We are pretty open about stuff and she often says she can't believe we talk about what we talk about.

Supporting mum the best I can atm too. I think at 6wks, dad's passing is starting to sink in, which is hard. My experience is that shock buffers us for quite sometime and as the reality slowly sinks in that is when the hard yards start. Unfortunately it's also about the time other people tend to leave you alone (thinking you are doing fine) and get on with their own lives. For me this happened about 6 months after Olly died. Just an observation if anyone is interested.

Planning to scrap this weekend. Got heaps of photos at Harvey Norman's last weekend (15c a print) so have sorted them and will choose papers and come up with ideas (hopefully) today. Going to do some more beading this weekend too. My Thursday night scrapping pals were funny on Thursday. I was only allowed to talk beading for a couple of minutes. They are scared I'm going to desert and go 'to another side'..No chance. LOL. They are funny.

Hopefully will post again before the end of the weekend with some layouts.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Exhausted.... how I'm feeling right now. Sitting in front of the puter with a large espresso, chocolate and chippies (I know...I know...all bad) and feeling totally shattered after my first whole week back at work. And it wasn't even a whole week....only 4 days. Am getting the hang of it, new jobs are exhausting eh Michelle! Working out where to find the stationary and who's nose not to get up. Ha, ha. My job is with the DHB (Disability sector) so there is endless form filling out and beauracratic nonsense. Yay, yay. Can't even have tomorrow off coz I have a cultural training with another organisation I am involved with. Hope I don't fall asleep.

Thanks for those who commented on my blog about their thoughts on scrapkits. I think I might be frivolous and shout myself Lime Tart (just to be different) for 6 months. Anything too girly, that I think I definitely won't use, I will sell or give away (preferred option)

JANINE, your name was pulled out (of a noodle bowl) to recieve a wee rak so I will e-mail you. I have your addy somewhere.

Cheers all and have a good weekend

Monday, October 23, 2006

No scrapping done...

I can't believe it. Weather sucks and I have nothing else to do, plenty of supplies and photos....but I've done NO SCRAPPING all weekend. Nevermind, my scraproom is at least a little tidy now. Here is a page i finished on Thurs nite when I have scraptime with a couple of friends. It's a boy page with lace, flourishes and bling on. (sorry the pic isn't as good as it could have been) Must be suitable for a challenge somewhere LOL.

Thanks to those who have commented so far on the whole scrapkit thing. Please continue to leave your thoughts/musings/discoverings on the benefits/drawbacks of subscribing to a kit and on Wed I will draw a name out for a rak. I'm really in 2 minds (which isn't bad for me...usually i'm in about 6 minds ha ha) about it all. Keeps those comments coming.

Ciao for now

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where has my mojo gone....

I planned on scrapping all weekend and it's Sunday afternoon and I have done NONE!!! I have tidied my scraproom (better than I have done before), had a friend round for a scrap lesson, and made 30 cards for my mum (all the same and need to do 30 more) I've thought about trying the challenges on SO but just haven't been able to go there. Oh well. I did finish a layout on thursday so I guess that counts. Will post later in the week.

Instead...I am going to use my blog for a poll (sort of). Now I am back working, once I'm back on a reasonable financial keel, I am thinking of shouting myself a subscription to a kit of some sort. I know many of you get Tarisota or Lime Tart, SO are putting together their own and I know someone who got one from Scrapmuse in the States for a while. My questions are...what is worth it, which do you get and/or prefer, do you end up with piles of stuff you never use, what do you do if you hate it, does the surprise thing work for you?? etc, etc. I like getting stuff I haven't picked because it sometimes challenges me out of my comfort zone (of blue and green and chipboard lol) But I only have sons and don't have much call for heaps of girly stuff. I know, I know....I am a girl, and maybe this is an opportunity for me to stretch myself.

Please post your (very honest) thoughts in my comments and after Wednesday night I will draw a name and send a wee rak of goodies to the person. Sort of an encouragement to post and a thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomorrow is D-Day...

Although what D might stand for I have no idea. Maybe it's Dumb idea day (as in...what a dumb idea to go back to work fulltime) or maybe it's Dollar day as I finally might have a few spare (in a few months once I eventually get paid and we've caught up on all the bills lol) Whatever it means, I am back at work fulltime from tomorrow.

Anyway, because you all asked here is the hair (just bright red streaks and a trim and layer) The base colour needs the roots doing now. I'm completely grey under all the colour I think!! And I need about 15 conditioning treatments.....all in good time!!

Please note the fab jewellry...I made it in my 1st creative beads class at night school last night. No, I'm not going to another side and deserting scrapping, but E won a nightclass at school so I decided to do beading for fun.

Thank you for all the comments about E's rowing. Unfortunately the kids all row for Tga rowing club for the 1st part of their season anyway (through the schools) but the good news is it looks like they have scraped up a 4 so they will have a crew. E came up with an awesome plan for himself if it didn't happen so that is plan B now I guess.
Penny thanks for the iron comments. They reminded me that it is a problem for me too and I need to keep an eye on it. Janine, I meant to say a few posts ago that the paper in the penguin layout was Junkitz, Laguna Guy!!!

So this past few days has been huge with more drama. Our oldest son has had $15 000 worth of engines and parts (he's an enthusiast) stolen from our garage (scumbags!!!) and currently we are caregivers (she's got the newly painted bedroom!!) for a lovely 16yr old girl who is having difficulties at home. Life is never dull. I think work should be a breeze after all this. As for the list, I got about half of it done so that's not too bad. The freezer has plenty of baking in, the cards are being made this weekend, painting finished, pantries done. How can scrap supplies be minimalist...what was I thinking.

Haven't done any scrapping but hanging out for Labout Weekend when I plan to do lots.

Ciao for now

Friday, October 13, 2006

Plodding through....

I feel like I am in 'plod' mode at the moment. Need an injection of energy to get stuff done. Off my needs topcoat on walls and top coat on windows skirtings etc then it's finished. Then will need to dress it but...haven't got much to dress it with. Never mind. Hair looks cool (very red highlights!!!) and nails are still holding up. Pantries done so I'm getting there. Had Toby's yr 12 drama class performance assessments last night. What a talented buch of young people. Both meaningful and hilariously funny dramas.
Feeling very sad for Elliot at the moment. For the last 2 years he has been obsessed with rowing, coxing last year to learn as much as he can, training hard, eating well etc. Now, due to various reasons, it looks like there may be no boys rowing this season at the school. It's hard when your children face dissappointments like this. I think he's suffered enough pain in his short 14 years and I don't think he should have to have anymore (ridiculous 'protective mummy' belief here)

Got my contract to sign today (about time!!!) and our new broardband modem arrived on the same courier. Yay, that's our wee 'going back to fulltime work' treat for ourselves. Besides, it will stop the kids whinging at me about my internet time LOL

Have a good day. I'm off to try and achieve something!!


Monday, October 09, 2006

A dumb combination

Has anyone wondered about the dumb combination of things I put in my last post??? I wonder how many spotted it and can you do both of those?? No one probably, but after 2 days of painting (have done 2 undercoats on the ceiling and one on the walls so far...go me) I have decided I'm NOT going to have gorgeous looking nails. LOL. Unless of course, I go out afterwards and get acrylics and that would be scrapcamp $$ so there is no choice there huh!!!
Speaking of scrapcamp, am hoping to have enough $$ to register this week. Who's going? Last time I was a bit shy (me, shy??, that's a joke) to introduce myself to people on whose blogs I lurk. The change of venue means I won't get a weekend with my DH as well as scrapcamp (he works at Totara Springs) but hey, that's life.
The list is working. It's making me feel like I need to get on with things and get them done. That was the plan, although I do like your idea Andrea. I have an appt with a mate of Toby's tomorow to have my hair highlighted and cut. She is a hairdressing student so who knows what I'll come out looking like but's cheap. Will get DH to help with top coats on his day off on Wed and I will be well on the way to getting one thing done!!

Have just figured I start work for 2 days, then get 3 days off (labour weekend) then work 4 days then have another weekend. Now that was clever!!

Cheers. Have a good week.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Need to get moving...

I start fulltime work again (aaaarrgh) on Thursday 19th Oct. That way I have 2 days work then 2 days off to recover. I need to get more stuff sorted and more systems in place. I am confident the cleaning system is now entrenched so that's working. As I am so not a list person, I am going to make myself a bit accountable and list here all the things I WOULD LIKE to have done before going back to work. I don't believe in must's or should's:

Bedroom painted
Upstairs lounge sorted and tidy
window frames finished (remember those...I never finished all 12!!!)
Plenty of baking in the freezer (that's easy...I love baking)
Scraproom not just tidy but sorted down to a minimalist type way (coz I may have to pack it up
to paint it at any stage)
Thank you cards made Mum to send out
Clean out both pantry's (food and crockery)
Sort out freezer (big one)

Right, there it is in black and white. Also would like to have eyebrow's plucked and neat, nails looking gorgeous and no wrinkles (just kidding) Might try and get something done with my hair too. Need new clothes but will have to wait till I have some $$$. Blah, blah, blah...and so it goes.

Had a lovely few hours chatting to Dianna and Arwen yesterday when they called in for lunch. Java(the lovely labrodor) has never had a visitor of the small person type who has played with him so well.
Best go and see if E needs a lift to rowing. I swear my car could get there and back by itself after 3 or 4 years now.


Monday, October 02, 2006

When the going gets tough.....

....the tough get SCRAPBOOKING!!!!! Weather is yuck, I feel yuck, MIL still v unwell etc. So I scrapped all day. Here is the results (well I didn't do all 3 today but who cares)

This next one I've put in the No8 wired challenge Flowers on Boy layouts

Others speak for themselves really

In the good news department:

I got the job ( yay, yay income...) but it's not all final and official yet. Toby won Gold in the womens under 20 8's.


Saturday, September 30, 2006

And so life goes on...

Firstly a big Thank You to all of you who posted your kind thoughts on my blog after my last post. And to Dianna and Yolande for the texts, Delys and Andrea for the beautiful cards. It's been a pretty big week and a half and I don't really know where to start.
Dad's funeral (last Sat) went well with over 100 pple there. I managed to speak at it (bl***y well too I must say) and I think, although as a quiet, private man he would have been horrified that we spent time talking about him, it was an honouring occasion. I met some Aunties and Uncles whom I had either never met before or only met as a child. I have not really yet begun to process what his passing will mean for me and how I will miss him.
Mum is doing pretty well considering. She wants to be on her own in her home and has been ok there by herself for the last 3 nights. She is taking things slowly and as she lives locally I am able to phone and visit her frequently. I keep telling her she is now "world famous in Taihape"
My boys are doing OK, although I am very aware that this is big for each of them for various reasons. Toby is in Ashburton this weekend for the rowing Provincial Nationals at Lake Hood so I am sending him 'fast boat' thoughts for his races.
I have discovered through all this that I am related by marriage to Karen (Girlfriday) - waves to newly discovered scrapping cousin - I had a job interview last week and, although not final yet so I can't say too much, it looks like I will be back working fulltime very soon. My cleaning system has not got a lot of attention but I have been continuing to do most of it in all the trauma.
I haven't done much scrapping but I did order some goodies through SO so I need to get back into it.
Unfortunately, after all that ramble, things haven't settled down for us tho. Yesterday we had some calls to say DH's elderly mother has had a fall and broken her pelvis. She will be having surgery this weekend. She lives in Chch. We are praying hard for her.

I am wondering how much can a girl take!!!!


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A very sad Tuesday...

2.30pm my mobile phone rang. It's my brother informing me our father has had a heart attack and passed away. He was towing a caravan in Taihape at the time...with my mother in the passenger seat. They then had an accident but my mother is Ok.....well as ok as she can be. I am in shock and on autopilot. Will blog some othertime...just thought I would let you know so if I don't blog for a know why. My sons are all home be with us. It brings back our recent family tragedy....losing our precious Olly. Now our precious dad and grandad.
Sad times for our family

And so the early mornings begin...

I'm sitting at the puter at 5.55am and I'm thinking "Hi Delys" It's my 1st early morning of the rowing season this morning....with my 16.5 year old who should have got his licence by now. He's been training hard out with the Provincial crew but that is only at weekends. He didn't do well in his exams at all...because he hasn't done any work....and I'm interfering too much apparantly. Oh boy. Have you read Celia Lashlie's book "He'll be OK" It's a great book about the needs of teenage boys in regards to their mothers and ...I need to get off the bridge! (you need to have read the book to understand that) It's very hard to leave them there on their own tho!!!! Shouldn't this be easier as I've done it once already with DS who is 18.!!! Have a pleasant Tuesday.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Todays post...

...feels like it's going to be boring. Have been scrapping away.
Here's one LO I did for a SO challenge yesterday. Nothing startling but it tells a story. Waiting for DS to finally sand the walls so I can start painting the bedroom. Job interview next week. Might try and finish my Heidi Swapp LO I did at SENZ - LAST YEAR - this week. Then my sons album will be finished (if there is such a thing)
Cleaning system working brilliantly. Those who asked for the info...what did you think???


Sunday, September 17, 2006


..I missed posting yesterday. How did that happen? Yesterday I had lots of teenagers in my kitchen, I made buns and muffins, I ran them endlessly to trainings and I even managed to fit in an afternoon with friends. I like feeling like a busy mother again. Now my family is older and some have moved out, I miss the busyness of family life. It's nice to have that back sometimes.

Just to clarify, the photos in my previous post are of the dog we had a number of years ago. He passed away about 7 years ago now (he was 9.5) For the past 5 years we have had the 'lovely Labrador' Java and I better post a pic of him or his (rather chunky) nose will be out of joint.

Have a lovely Sunday


Friday, September 15, 2006

Now the ....

...shorn photo.


Trying again with photos

The lovely Wilber.....

Photo 1: Classic 'sitting in front of the fan'

Not letting me post more. Will try separate posts

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Had a fabulous day out in Whakatane today. An hour's work and then coffee with Dianna and Tash (the lovely Arwen and the very adorable Cleo), then a drive over to Ohope to reminisce. Then 2 hours sitting in the sun at the Bean yakking to Andrea. Thanks was lovely to catch up and Whakatane turned on a cracker day.

These photos of the adorable Wilber (our OES we had for 9.5yrs) are for you Andrea.

No 1 - the classic 'in front of the fan' pose
No 2 - shorn so short it's almost criminal
No 3 - shorn but looking kinda cute

Oh bother. Blogger will not let me upload photos. Will have to try tomorrow. I promise Andrea...they will make you laugh.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More scrapping...

..and man, am I enjoying it. Have been trying to decide what to do with these pages for ages so sat down today and just finished them. Feels great!! I'm so enjoying just randomly scrapping whatever photos I feel like.

I am so regretting not discovering scrapping when my kids were younger. I'd have taken so many more photos and been wiser with the ones I took. 'Now I'm 3' being a case in point....I have 3 photos of Elliot's 3rd birthday...2 of the cake and one of me waving my arms around. LOL So many events and special moments of my childrens lives I don't have any photo's for. I plan on doing some photoless layouts (probably quite a few eventually)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Churning out...

...dessert swap layouts. Won't post them yet coz that will spoil the suprise for those in the swap. They were fun tho but I wouldn't want to have to do 9 copies of every page I do lol. I used ink and I feel like I smudged ink over everything. Oh well...grunge is in isn't it.
Instead I will post a layout I did for a SO challenge on their last cybercrop. It was about using old stash pp.
Thanks to those who wished me well for my job application. I can never be sure what (or who) they are after. Just have to wait and see if I get an interview. This one is fulltime which will be a challenge but I have done fulltime before. Feel better set up with systems at home now.
My cleaning system is working well and I am working on a document detailing my secrets. As I have said before, it's not rocket science but it is about changing my thoughts about housework and building in some routines and habits. If you would like a copy of how I've done it email me on oursurnamefamily at maxnet dot co dot nz and I will send it to you. Our surname is patton. Hope that makes sense


Monday, September 11, 2006


...Have had a nice day today...'nice'..??...what kind of a word is 'nice'..?? Anyway, DH's last day off in a run of 4. Very rare for him to get more than 1 day off at a time. Went out cruising some shops, doing coffee and just generally 'hanging out'. Tonight we watched 'In my Father's Den' on DVD. Good movie. What a messed up situation!! We picked it all wrong.
Applied for another job today. We'll see how I go.
Going ot work on my Dessert Swap pages tomorrow.


Sunday, September 10, 2006


...I didn't quite make an update yesterday. Quick one this morning while DH is running DS out to the river to train. Poor darling, all day yesterday in the rain and cold on Lake Rotoiti. I'm supposed to be making Eggs Benedict for brekky while he's away.
Bought lots of scrapping goodies at WHS in their 50% off deal. With the new papers I bought from SO the other day I can't wait to get into it. Will be a few days yet before I have time.
Carwashing again this arvo so no scrapping.


Friday, September 08, 2006

An ordinary day...

Today I go to work for the morning (facilitating a parenting group) What awesome people we have in the group! Home for a quick coffee then see a student for an hour. Home for lunch and DH is there making avocado on toast...yum. We hang out together for the rest of the day and evening. He has 4 days off work, an unheard of luxury. Heck we might even have to make conversation with each other LOL. Both DS's are out at social events and DH and I feel like Darby and Joan at home.
Early start tomorrow...Toby has to be on the water at 7.30 at Lake Rotoiti for training all day. I hear brunch at the Fat Dog calling!!!
Does anyone else like the Waresouse Stationary 50%off coupons...great for stocking up on DCWV plain cardstock pads.


Thursday, September 07, 2006


On a scrapping roll today. These layouts I either started on the weekend or today, and finished today. Got another half one done today too but can't decide on the final version so I'll have to keep going back to it for a while I think.

Got a parcel today from SO of new Scenic route (Hampton) and Junkitz papers...I'm loving them. The new Junkitz Laguna Guy is so me!! I often wonder if anyone else buys the papers I like cos I never see any pages with them. Oh well. I'm probably helping out the retailers buying all the stuff no one else likes. I have so many blue and green papers and all my layouts seem in those colours atm. I guess it's just a phase!!!

Got friends coming tonight to scrap. Trying to make it a regular Thurs night thing.

Waylaid plans...

I go to bed last night thinking..."no appointments, housework up-to-date, job application started....might treat myself to an all day scrapping day" This morning a friend rings..."can I come and show you my scrapping" (of course), I notice a video waiting to be viewed for a student I am supervising tomorrow, I realise I am busy all weekend and won't have time to work on said job application.
Berry muffins now in oven for friend, 1st espresso brewed for the day, blogging to squeeze scrapping in between what else I need to do today. Oh well. My plans are slightly waylaid.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

How 'mothers of only boys' get 'daughters'

Have just been out for coffee and a wander around some arty shops with Abby, my son's girlfriend. Feels really cool to be able to do this....kind of grown up. The lady in the shop asked if we were mother and daughter. We both said 'sort of'. We get on well. Isn't she beautiful!

Cleaning system still working, lol. When it's been tried and tested for a couple of weeks I'll let you know how it works and how I devised it. It's not rocket science, abit like how I helped my son with his study timetable really - only I do the cleaning, he doesn't do his study!!
18yr old DS is finishing the gibstopping in the bedroom tonight so I should be getting my painting gears on for Thursday and achieving useful things with a roller.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Here are some pics...

...of my fun new cleaning system.

For those who might know me's ok...I'm allright...don't call the men in white coats!

I can change OK. Maybe I've decided 44 and half years of being a sloth is long enough!! LOL

The hardest bit was convincing DH I just HAD to buy a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocs ($8) and that a plastic container from Payless Plastics just wouldn't do. The best bit was eating the Chocolates LOL, oh and making the cute little cards.

I'm back.....

Yay. My computer is back and healthy. Had to wait for DH to have a day off (Sun) to return all the settings so I could recognise everything (I'm not that techno savvy) and now I'm underway again. Asked the geeks to save our internet stuff but they haven't so I've lost all my favourites. A good excuse to spend hours trawling the net again I guess. If you visit me please leave a comment so I can visit you back and put you on my fav's. I don't have links on my blog yet...hope to get there one day.

My most exciting thing I achieved last week was a system for cleaning my house. Now, normally, I would be being sarcastic, but this time I MEAN IT. I have set up a system to keep my house vaguely clean all the time. You probably don't realise, but after 20 years of living in this house this is a major breakthrough!!!!! My house is HUGE...(was 8 bedrooms, currently being renovated to 6) plus 2x lounges, bathrooms & toilets, office etc, etc. I have gone thru many stages including not cleaning it (yes, it's true), trying rosters, cleaning person, 1 day a week etc, etc. This is the 1st system that has me excited and I've kept it up for 1 week. Early days yet I know but....
To bore's based on a flylady type system of 15 - 30 mins a day. I've made little cards for each day over 4 weeks. Some jobs get done weekly, fortnightly etc, etc. Also the flylady swishe & swipe, hot spot, shiny sink etc is done daily too. I'm really trying to convince myself I can manage this when I go back to work. Currently I believe myself. Will let you know how I get on. Love using the little cards tho and they were fun to make.

Don't know why but blogger isn't letting me upload pics....maybe later (they will be of my cards, not of my clean house LOL)

Have done some scrapping, will post later, and am starting on my dessert pages for the KS dessert swap. Elliot was thrilled coz I made his favourite desert - a Chocolate and Coffee Ice Cream Gateau - sounds flash but it's easy-peasy.
Had a lovely bbq dinner by candlelight with the boys for fathers day last night. Can't wait for daylight saving now.

Ciao for now

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Computer down...bugger this means I am now without my lifeline. I have gone to my parents to put this on ,but they don't really live close enough for me to pop around and check things (altho they are in Tauranga) Computer will have to go to the hospital on monday. Thank goodness we recently put all our photos on CD!!! Can get hubby to clear emails at work, but I'm missing the forums and blogs. If I'm quiet for a while...that is why.
Missing you all already.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogging again....

Thought I'd share these 2 lovely photos of my 'best friend' and where he loves to be when I am on the computer. He insists I type and use the mouse with one hand...and pat him and tickle his ears with the other. His head sits comfortably between my legs and if I don't give him enough attention...he pushes me and the chair (on wheels) away from the computer until I do.


I love my kids...

Look at what my 13 (14 tomorrow) year old son made me for breakfast this morning...

....pancakes with berries and whipped cream. Elliot you are wonderful xxx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Creating again

SO had another cybercrop last night. I didn't get to talk much cos I kept falling out and my computer was playing up, but finished one challenge last night, a scraplift off the SO gallery. I lifted Kelly's 'When I was a little girl' layout (thanks Kelly) and gave it a 'boy flower' twist. Funnily Toby and Elliot both looked at it this morning and remarked on how it's different to my usual style. I'm impressed.

This next one was a challenge for today..had to use paint, sanding and fabric. OK, I haven't used lots of fabric, but I really like it. Gotta love Scenic Route.
Still full of a cold and can hardly swallow. Can only manage moro bars and cups of tea...shame!!!
Best go and put everything away now so no one knows all I've been doing is scrapping.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here's 1 finished project...

...from Wendy's Relax-Just Doodle it class. Thanks go to Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns for the design of this class and the cute little doodling journal, Cherry Arte for the gorgeous papers (...had just been to KS on the Friday afternoon and bought all these papers coz I loved them)and Wendy and Kiwiscraps for the acrylic doodle stamps. Might I say all my doodles on this layout are hand stamps here.

I've got a dunny rose..

..and it seems I bought back more than just incomplete class projects from Wellington. I have a cold which I am trying hard not to let become anything else. I'm grumpy and miserable. Tash, is this your fault??? I have finished my 'Favourite Photos" album now, nearly finished 'Perspectives' and hope to finish the 'Today You' one today. Oh buggar, it means I;'ll have to finish the journalling. Why do I always leave that till last. I am using my Donna Downey journal and have finished my 'Doodle' page. Considering I still have incomplete projects from SENZ 2005, that's pretty good going. I'm doing the online crop with Scrapbook Outlet tomorrow night so might get stuff done with that too. Yee Haa. Need to use up some of the supplies backlog before all the new CHA stuff starts arriving. Did my first pre order this morning (Junkitz Laguna..I still love Junkitz papers) so need to stop buying and start using!!!

I'm rambling. will post a pic of my doodle page that ok, to post class pics?? I mean they sort of are the tutors pages aren't not.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A creative time...

..was had by me at CC06. It was neat to meet all those I did meet, and next time I'll take a list and go out hunting for those I didn't meet. A big thanks to the Kiwiscraps team for making the weekend go so smoothly and for all their work behind the scenes. Took the cheap junky camera and not many photos turned out so I'm relying on one or two sending me some..(Ali, Dianna, Karen ???please) I stole this photo off Donna Downey's blog. I'm just to the right of the middle at the back (long hauir, glasses and orange necklace)

I was inspired by Ali Edwards and her "don't worry about it matching" approach to using patterned paper. That definitely suits me......I'm NOT a virgo!! I was enthused by Wendy's doodling class and feel 'empowered' to give it a go more often. It's only paper...right. I didn't like little books before I went and I definitely can see me using them now. All in all, a GOOD TIME. Am going to start saving for the next one...maybe need to save for the next scrapcamp 1st.
Back to the real world of ferrying boys around, making meals and living in a freezing cold house. Toby trialled and was selected to cox the BOP regional boy's and girl's 8's crews for the regionals in Ashburton in late September so it looks like the rowing season might be kicking in early for us this year.
I've had a few probs with blogger lately but will try and post a bit more often. Now off to finish some of those projects.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Big day for DS

Well, I think we've survived our first school ball. This week we've had to deal with a break-up with the girlfriend, choosing and hiring a costume (cheaper than a suit he figured), all the afterball drama, arranging cars (that fell thru on the day)etc, etc. All went great tho. He went as John Travolta and his partner (a longstanding mate) went looking like a princess. A whole group of them had a pre ball at someones house and all the parents came too. One of the girls dads had secretly hired them the largest limo I have ever seen and DS called in at midnight to change and said the band was amazing and they danced all night. Now, assuming he comes home allright from the mates he stayed at after the party afterwards, we've survived one. As he is only year 12 there will probably be another next, how could I get to go too????

Only 5 days and counting till CC06. Not organised yet but getting there. DH has this weekend off so I'm trying to not do scrapping stuff and spend time with him.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yay...something finished

Well, I've made swap pins and they are finished. They look so cute all lined up in their container. Now to pluck up the courage to swap/give them away. If you read my blog and you're going to CC06 please find me and ask if you'd like one!!!

I'm slowly getting sorted with my photos/journalling/homework. I'm pretty much of the opinion that if I don't get it done I'll just do everything without it and do it later. I'll still be in the class, right?!!
My timetable is:
Fri 8.30 - Perspectives 11 - Imagine the Possibilities
Sat 1.30 Fav photos 3.45 - Relax-Just doodle it
Sun 11 - Stitch it, Bead it 1.30 - Today You

Am thinking of Kiwiscraps shopping on Fri afternoon and taking a train out to Petone to check out Scrapbook Central on Sat morning. Or I might add on one of Nic's classes if there is room. Need to decide on that soon, but I'm happy with what I'm doing.
If you are in any of those classes and read this, please say Hi. (I'm the shy one with the glasses)

Got the 'Dear John' letter about the job today...never mind, just means I can't spend wildly @ CC06 and can't buty new clothes. Will keep looking.


Monday, July 31, 2006


I've been tagged by Janine and I've not done this before so here goes...

4 jobs I've had - Physio, Gym Instruactor, Developmental Therapist, Family Counsellor

4 Movies I could watch over and over - Erin Brokovitch (?sp), Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, My Best Friends fact, any sap with Julia Roberts in.

4 TV Shows - Not watching any at present. Enjoy NZ programs

4 Fav foods - Potato chips, hot chips, wedges and french fries (detecting a theme???)

4 tunes I play in my head - Can't think of one at the moment. Enjoy Eva Cassidy and Jack Johnson

4 Websites I visit daily - SO, KS, lots of blogs and ITV (I follow Corrie St in England on the net)

4 Best scrapbooking lines - Scenic Route, Queen & Co, Junkitz, Basic Grey

I tag anyone who reads this who hasn't shared this info before....go honest!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Feeling sad...

This morning I waken to a silent empty house. DH went to work at 6am, and my 2 DS's are staying with friends (as teen boys often do) I am reminded that not very long ago....feels like very large house was a busy bustling home with 4 young boys and lots of noise and action. Today there is just silence. I always miss Olly, but at times like these I am acutely aware of his absence and the fact that our lives have changed forever. I wish for a while, I could have all those little boys back. Maybe today I will do some Olly scrapping. It's funny how these things come up for me. I've just looked at the date and on Tuesday it will be 2 and a half years exactly since he died. Self care days are in order I think.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rocking along

Another quick update...(thanks for the hurry along Lynda LOL). Went out to dinner for Izzy's 18th on Sunday. Food was cr**p but we got all the meals free as a gift for lending the restaurant our commercial mixer. Wouldn't have wanted to have paid for them. Had a really lovely evening with the boys, 2 girlfriends (Izzy's and Toby's), and my parents tho. We rarely get out together like this cos it's expensive so it was special. Made Izzy a birthday cake, like I used to when they were's a rotornut, if you don't know...boy stuff. I was relly chuffed that we came up with a really cool present for him and I think he's really happy with it. We are paying for him to do the training and sit his class 2 truck licence. It's something he can always have and may come in useful one day (and it doesn't make a lot of noise and his flatmates can't steal it LOL)
Tidied the study yesterday and did the last in my series of 4 scrapclasses for my friend. She's hooked and she's hooked someone else too...who has done a lot of CM but wants to branch out. Have a scrapcanvas group on Sun afternoon and that's the last of my attempts to save some $$ for CC06. Stripping wallpaper again today. Lovely to recieve a parcel of flowers in the post today. Thanks Kris, they're cool. Job interview (at 8.30am in the morning...what kind of a time is that!!!) tomorrow. Maybe swappins Wed afternoon and on Thurs I'm off to DH's work to make sushi for 200...should be fun. Will start my diet friday...I loooovvve sushi.
Back to stripping...yay, yay.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post about my son. I appreciate your comments.
Also I still have some more Lace to give away (see previous post) Just give me a contact in your comment and I'll get in touch with you for an addy.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tweaking things

just playing around.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A quick update...

Sorry Tash, I 'borrowed' your title. Haven't blogged for a while. Haven't been busy either. Just 'puddling' along. Boys back at school this week which is good to get back into routine. Have stripped 2 panels of wallpaper...oh dear, may take me till 2008 at this rate. Done some more sorting. Was grumpy at DH on Wednesday. He gets Wednesdays off, so while I am not working, I try and keep it free to spend with him. We "popped out to do a few messages" (for his work) at 9am and got home a 1pm....4hrs of work shopping on his day off. Ok, we went to WHS as part of it but still. That man needs some self discipline and boundaries. It's all purely his choice!!!!
Anyway, rant over. Have done 2 layouts this week, will post later. I am teaching a friend some scrapping stuff so I've done these ones to teach her techniques etc. OK about them but they're not my faves.
Have a job interview on Wednesday. Not ready to go back to working yet, but this is one I'd quite like I think so willing to compromise if it means I get a good job. Will see what it's about, what they're wanting/offering, and if they want me (LOL)

Tomorrow my oldest (or is it eldest?) DS turns 18!!!! It seems so old. He has been 'old' for years really. He left school at 15, has lived and worked in Auckland for a year, has been flatting 2x, lived with his girlfriend (they have separate flats now and seem surprised that it works 17...doh!!!) All of these things have really challenged me as a mother, but I have worked hard in it all to maintain a good relationship with him cos I believe that's really important. He now is loving working as a Gib Stopper, has done his 1st house on his own, and is going on contract work in a few months. I'm so proud of the things he has achieved, yet so many seem happy to criticise that he is not at school, still at home and going to Uni. Thank you so much to those who made positive comments about him being in a trade in my last post. I think it's great (altho I do wish he was a plumber....the world needs more plumbers...have you ever tried to get one??)
I guess I just want to state how very much I love him and am so proud of him. All of our boys have been through so much with losing their little brother and I think Izzy has been amazing. I'll share this wee tear jerker with you to finish. Hope he doesn't mind. He has a tattoo. It's down his Right forearm, it says "RIP LIL BRO". He wanted it there so he saw it every day in the shower to remember and honour Olly. How can a Mum not be proud of that!!!!!!!

So much for a quick update...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Not much happening.... my world. No scrapping being done after my rush a week or so ago. Finished my "court report" for an assessment I am doing...will e-mail that off today. No more windows done yet but have bought CRC so that's a start. DS (gibstopper) has advised me to strip the wallpaper in the bedroom I'm starting and he will give it a skim coat. Buggar, thought I might get away with just painting it's wallpaper stripping today. DH had the weekend off work (he only gets 1 weekend a month off) so I just hung out with him. Washed 12 cars on Saturday to raise funds for DS's rowning. Just life stuff really. Applied for a job a week ago. No sign of an interview yet...not sure if that's a good or a bad thing??
I will send the lace out to those who responded once you e-mail me your address. Sorry the 1st e-mail seemed a bit blunt(I didn't even sign it LOL) My mind was on other things.

Have a good week

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lace to give away.

I was given a bag of lace a few years ago. Its nearly all nylon, in whites, beiges, pinks, a bit of green and blue. I've sorted it into some little bags to give away. Post your addy on my blog (or let me know how I can contact you) if you would like one. Great for heritage layouts (or layouts about your granny's knickers LOL) No idea what the response will be. I have about 10 bags. Will leave this up for a couple of days then maybe put it on a forum.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I should've been....

...writing up a report from an assessment I am currently going through. But today I did some scrapping instead.

This is my LO for the sketch challenge for SO. Simple but effective I think. I so wish my mother had recorded things like names of teachers when I was at primary school. Have lost motivation to do what I set out to do today so I've given up and will try again tomorrow. It is after all, another day.
I've posted this other LO before but I think it makes a neat contrast.

Mothers, enjoy your gorgeous, clean cut little boys. They grow up into this!!!

I love him to bits but.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Up early...

It's 5.59 am on a Sunday and here I am on the computer. Just picked DS up from his mates and took him to work. Looked like he'd only just gone to bed...he has to last till 1pm and then he can crash. Hope he learns soon that parties and 6am starts don't work that well together.
Here's the last in the series of photos of me. I'm 21! I have pic of me with (really, really) short hair somewhere that I will upload sometime to prove it hasn't always been long.

Here is a layout I did for another SO challenge. I wanted to make this one busy and girly. Loved it to start with but not so much now. If you notice I am using lace, it's because I was given a HUGE bagful a few years ago and I'm finally sorting it out. I hope to package some of it up into small parcels and give it this space and the forums for details.

On the 'sort out the home front' I've still got 6 windows to do coz I've run out of CRC but will replenish and keep going. I'm currently painting windowsills, scotia and doors (and a desk) in DS's room. He's gone flatting (again) and they were a dark grey. I'm trying to lighten the room up a bit witthout having to do the whole walls. Hope to finish this job today so DH and I can move in there so I can start on the room we are currently in. to surf Trade Me
See ya

Friday, July 07, 2006

This'll scare does me!

Ok, now a photo from my early teens. this one I'm about 12.

And couldn't resist showing this one...a bad perm when I was about 15....aaaarrrrgggghhhh. Does it show how balanced, together and well rounded I am, to be able to show people this and put it on the net????? Or just daft???
My theory is, I've got to laugh about it....or I'd cry.