Sunday, February 26, 2006

So much to little time

Well here a few more of my favourite layouts. These are ones from the 6x6 album I have done of my youngest son who we lost 2 years ago in a drowning accident. I have found 6x6, although a challenge to scrap layout and photo size wise, is a fabulous size to carry around with me in my (large!!) handbag. This means I can show people, talk about him and help people remember him and honour his life (because I have noticed people seem reluctant to talk about him, especially those who know him). Every layout in this album is a favourite, even though they are the first layouts I have done. But of course they all have special significance and meaning.

I'm feeling very tired today. Had no regattas this weekend but ended up on a maintenance working bee all day yesterday. I got very sunburnt (silly me) and now I have housework to do, pamphlets to fold, baking to do and I want to scrap!!! After my facilitation efforts earlier in the week (see earlier post) my supplies are in a mess. Also DH went to Wellington for a few days this week and popped into Kiwiscraps. He bought me all sorts of goodies and I want to play (stomps foot, sticks out bottom lip and throws paddy) I guess I won't get anything done if I'm on here all morning. LOL Might put some more layouts up later. Thanks for the comments

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Favourite layouts

Here is the 1st of my 10 favourite layouts. These are of my oldest son when he was younger. The 'Happy is always better than clean' one I like because the photo was so useless (we could never afford a decent camera when the kids were small) but I have captured a bit of his personality despite this. Also it was a first attempt at using patterned paper together. I'm still a beginner at that. The 'Hey dude' one I love because the photos are so cool. He was 2!!
My style definitely tends towards the simple and minimally embellished and I still love colour blocking. Maybe it's coz I'm a mum of 4 boys!! Lol.

What a huge day...

Well tonight I am exhausted. Today I took a team building exercise for a partner organisation (20 staff) and we did ...scrapcanvases!! I didn't teach them a specific design, but the basics really and they had a ball creating some awesome masterpieces. Some people had done a bit of crafty stuff before but many had done nothing. I had some help from a colleague who is a scrapbooker. I think I may have some converts now. They were all blown away by the concept and the feeling of having created something so beautiful. Many were brave and used 2 or 3 patterned papers. Here is a photo of some of their "collective works"
Boy am I tired now tho, mind you the 5am mornings don't help. Will start to upload for Liannes challenge of 10 favourite layouts tonight. Not sure if I have that many but will give it a go.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Early morning starts

Well it's early Friday morning and I've dropped the boys at rowing. It must be awesome for them to see the sunrise every morning...but funnily enough, they never mention it. Maybe being 13 and 16 they don't notice it. Or maybe they're still asleep out there on the harbour...scary thought. Big ships and all that!!
One more day at work for the week. Then I can have the weekend. Rowing in Te Awamutu. No offence to anyone that might read this that lives there, but the kids hate rowing on Lake Ngaroto. 2 years ago the fire brigade had to hose them and the boats down the algae was so bad. I am tempted to drop the boys and nip off to Hamilton to Create and Scrapbook Inn. Create have Junkitz papers which I still love (esp the summer collection) I'm supposed to be saving my $$$ for Crafting Copnnections but I bought 2 scrap magazines the other day and a load of Scenic Route at the crop last week. Where is my willpower???
Speaking of CC's, whats the story with the Kiwiscraps forum at the moment. It tells me I'm 'forbidden'. I had a peek at work yesterday (cos I didn't pre register for CC's and I don't want to miss out) and it said that...thought work had done it to me and felt very guilty. Then I came home and found it happened on my home puter. Anyone else got this???
Have posted a picture of what my life is about at the moment. Haven't done anymore scrapping since the weekend and I like having a picture.

Monday, February 13, 2006


Here is the Sambuca dip recipie for those interested
1 x 250 gm pottle of sour cream, 2 tbsps brown sugar and a couple of good sloshes of Black Sambuca. Best left overnight to develop flavour. Serve with yummy fruit, marshmallows, choccie fish, choccie fish and more choccie fish. I think I invented it so any copyright/royalties/commision or 'whatever else you call it' can be paid in scrapping supplies to me!! LOL (or maybe I read it somewhere or stole it off someone else, I can't remember now)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

One more layout

Hey, I've still got to get the hang of this technology...I thought I'd put 3 piccies on that post. Here is my 3rd layout.

Yesterdays fun

Well yesterday I had the luxury and priviledge of spending 10 hours scrapping with the ladies from Tauranga. We missed you Whakatane ladies. I hope all is well. Thanks Yolande and all the others for your excellent company. I managed to make a cute little album which I will give Toby for his 16th birthday card, and 3 layouts. Very pleased with that as I'm trying to finish my oldest sons album to give him for his 18th birthday. I'm keeping the layouts simple and effective cos that's what he will ribbons, bows or frills here girls, just cars and grease and grunt. LOL. Here are the layouts.
Have now got a day at home to catch up on some housework. Boys didn't make any finals (sad for them) so I don't have to do the Karapiro thing, and I do find I need a day at home to catch up fairly regularly. DH works every weekend so he's no help.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Office or beach?? No choice

I've just come back from 3 glorious days at Ohope Beach at our caravan with DH and DS and 1 of his mates. Oh you lucky girls who live there. Now I have to sit in a stuffy office and try and write reports and letters and sort out staffing issues. It's not fair. I so enjoy going down there, it's like a recharge place for me. The sound of the sea, walking on the beach. I even donned my togs and got in the waves this weekend which is very brave for me. Elliot was really into the surf this weekend and we seemed to spend a lot of time just standing there keeping an eye on him. I need to get down there more often but with rowing and DH's work we don't get down as nearly as we would like. In the winter I try and go every 2nd weekend, and now I can fit all my scrapping stuff in my tote, I can take it down with me. Roll on the end of the rowing season I say (it's only half way through!!!) Have managed to find a lift for the boys to Karapiro for Saturday so I can go to the crop with Yolande tho. Then I'll do the duty on Sunday. I'm really happy about that.
Elliot has his 1st day at college tomorrow and Toby is back on Thursday. Then things might get back a bit to normal....normal being me not coming home from work to 6-12 teenagers who have eaten me out of pies and 2 minute noodles. Love them to bits tho and they actually talk to me so that's a bonus.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Layout

Ok, so I'll jump on the 'first layout' bandwagon here. Should be cooking dinner but this is much more fun!! This is the 1st layout I did at a LSS class. I thought I was safe cutting up photos of the dog to start with while I learnt what to do. Very orderly and 'measured', not like me at all now. Still haven't figured out how to only get the page in the photo. Oh well. perhaps the next crop we could do 15mins on basic blogging lessons and some photoshop ones from Michelle would be good too.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Opening up

Well I wasn't going to post today. I don't know if that is about not wanting to 'bother people' or 'dump my stuff' on everyone.
What, you may ask? Today is the anniversary of the death of our much loved Olly (he was 9), who drowned 2 years ago, whilst staying with friends.
But the truth is I find sharing this stuff with someone ( anyone there??) really helpful. And sadly, very few people in my life are 'there for me' to share it with, person to person like. I don't think they are sick of me, I just think people are busy and can't face it. Or maybe people think we should be 'over it'. I hope not because we never will be. We have made a choice to never use the terms 'over it, 'moving on' or 'closure' because to us they feel like we are leaving Olly behind. We like to think we might find a way to 'move forward with Olly still in our lives in a different way'. So blogging it shall be.
I have posted his picture here to honour his memory. DH and I both have the day off work and don't have anything special planned except to 'hang out' together and spend time with our other boys. We have chosen to celebrate his birthdays but just try to be together on the anniversary of the day he died.
The week leading up to today has been really hard (I find that's often the case with Christmas, birthdays etc) and I have been teary, emotional and tired (also grumpy and intolerant at times but my kids might say that was normal!!!) Funnily enough, today I feel calm and strong. We will all have a weep when we visit the cemetary this morning tho.

I hope this makes sense, and maybe by sharing this with people I can help someone understand grief a bit more. Of course, it's a very individual thing.
People have often said to me over the past 2 years..."Is there anything I can do?"....The answer is yes.
Today, for me, can you give your children a special cuddle and tell them you love them.

Kind thoughts