Saturday, October 27, 2007

The lovely Mocha...

...has ruptured his right cruciate ligament (in his knee) and needs surgery :-(

The good news doesn't seem to be hurting him.

The bad news is....ACC/Medical Insurance won't cover it lol.

We have to make a decision about what type of surgery to go for by Monday afternoon. The options are expensive or very expensive. DH is very cynical about why the vet might be recommending the very expensive one.

Watch this space...meanwhile he is on 'kennelrest' (aka bedrest) That's hard when you are an 11 month old puppy but he is coping remarkably well.

Here is a photo of Taylor learning about blogging.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Why can't we always....

....have 3 day weekends. I feel so rested and ready for the (4day) week lol.
Had a lovely Saturday...took boys to rowing, made fresh buns, spent the afternoon scrapping with Delys and Dianna and watched a bit of TV in the evening while DH was at work. Sunday was rowing again, back to bed for a big sleep in, went and bought a new printer, took Mum shopping and then out for a drive and coffee. Sun night we went to town for a bite to eat with Elliot and saw some amazing photography as part of the Tga Arts festival. Today we got up and did some cleaning then went for a big long walk and out to the new shops at Bethlehem for lunch. Quite a hike that could become a regular weekend thing I think. Back home for a bit of a read and a yummy dinner of BBQ Kangaroo meat and salads. Now I might do a bit more scrapping. Have also managed to fit in some purchasing from SBO ( MM flocking/foiling kits and some other bits and pieces) and lots of Taylor cuddles and the odd nappy change.

DH is doing another photography course this on B & W photography. Here's a cool one he took of the lovely Mocha.

Hope you have a good week.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jack Me Up #5....

...I decided it was time to do a "Jack me up" layout...especially coz this one was a Jack of my friend Delys Cram.
Here is my version of Delys' layout.... last...some girly pages from the srapping hands of Sandra LOL :-)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Once again...

...a couple more photos of the lovely Taylor...awake this time.

Her full name is now officially Taylor Rose and she is a wee sweetie who yesterday seemed to want to feed hourly. I think Abby is exhausted!

On the scrapping front, I'm working on a circle journal I am in. Did a major scraproom tidy over the weekend and have got heaps of new product so I need to get into it. Boys are well into rowing now (2 early weekday mornings and 7am Sat and Sun) 1st regatta in a couple of weeks.
Finally a wee brag. Very proud of my Toby. His business group won "Best Production" in the Bay of Plenty and 2nd in "Best Overall Business" They were the group the teacher thought would be the slackers but they well and truely have worked damn hard and Toby was a major part in that.


PS: DH tells me he got his 'white balance' wrong so that's why the photos are a bit blue. He's practising :-}

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another photo....

....of the beautiful Taylor

....just because!!

Taylor is starting to get into a r***ine. I don't believe in saying the word ha ha. Abby is a wonderful mum who is besotted with her and I'm really proud of my big boy who is a devoted Dad. He was saying this morning that breastfeeding wasn't so good because it means he misses out on getting up in the night. He gets up if he wakes but I think he meant that coz he isn't feeding he doesn't always wake and he WANTS TO. Awwww!!

Have been a domestic goddess this morning and made fresh sticky buns for the boys after rowing. Off to take them out of the oven.



Monday, October 01, 2007


...we have a name...

Introducing TAYLOR

We don't have a middle name yet!!

Taylor came home with her mummy and daddy at 4pm on Sunday and is settling into family life.

These 2 are suddenly realising they are now further down the pecking order