Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week one Success

Well, I've made it through week one of my 12 week challenge. I've lost 1.2kgs and I'm now doing 30 mins every 2nd day on the erg (rower) and I'm onto week 2 of my weights training. The only weight involved so far is me (lol) but thats all good. I've stuck to the plan religiously so far and I'm being very disciplined in the eating department too. I have to eat a small (incl protein) snack every 2.5 hours so there is no chance of going hungry.

Whoo hoo....go me. I feel firmer already!!!

Off to a SU party now at a friends to buy more goodness :-)



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why...hello there... anybody reading this?

A few quick bullet points to catch you up on the happenings 'chez moi'
*not a lot really ha ha
*enjoying the olympic rowing (and txt conversations with Andrea during it lol)
*I'm sick of the rain - who isn't I guess
*Seriously addicted to SU products at the moment - loving that pumpkin pie colour especially
*Had something exciting in the wind but it didn't eventuate :-( C'est la vie.
*I've booked 6 classes for SENZ and I'm really looking forward to having a holiday away with DH
*Did I mention I'm sick of the rain??
*I've done lots of scrapping/cards but I haven't taken ANY photos sorry.
*My grandaughter is nearly walking and it's only 6 weeks till her 1st birthday
*More importantly DS turns 16 on Thursday and I haven't got a clue what we are going to give him yet!!??!!

OH, how could I forget. BIG FOCUS for me at the moment. I have joined a 12 week challenge with a local fitness trainer.
OMG...what have I done. This is serious...exercise, nutrition, measurements, consultations etc. My goal is to lose at least 8kg (or more) and develop some good habits around exercise and healthy eating. I will sign up for another 12 weeks if I feel I need to. I've promised myself a big (ish) reward at the end of the 12 weeks if I stick with it - no, not more SU products...I'll get those anyway ha ha.
I started on Saturday (yes, only yesterday) so I will update with my progress each week. He visits me wks 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12.
2 days achieved, 82 to go. I have a week away in there somewhere but I'll have done 7 weeks by then so I'll allow myself some treats (like visiting this place)
Watch this space.