Monday, May 29, 2006

A very tired bunny....

That's me. A very tired (but happy) bunny. Scrapcamp was great. Enjoyed everyone's company, got scrapinspired, cut out lots of flowers!!!, caught up with Kate after 15 or so years, didn't go to bed till after 1am each night and generally feel like I could do it all again next weekend. I think I am hooked on this scrapping thing. Thanks for the company Julie, Sheryl and Kate and it was awsome to meet Tina and Barb!
Here is a photo of out group, dressed up for the P party on Sat nite (I hope you don't mind me putting it on the net...ooops) and the layout I did for the scrap challenge. I must admit, when I opened the pack I thought "yuck" but I'm pleased I completed it and I like it. This has taught me something about the usefulness of challenges.
Yolande (I love your number plate) and Lianne did a wonderful job of organising the camp and thare was some lovely goodies to be bought and prizes to be won. I am superhappy with the 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to FOR KEEPS that I won. Woohoo. Just the ticket for a girl who's just stopped working for a while.

Thanks everyone. Can't wait to November and Scrapcamp Matamata. I have CC06 in August first......OMG.....I must be hooked.

I'll be coming down to the beach this weekend so I'm up for a coffee if anyone is interested. Maybe you could come to my wee slice of paradise before we lose it..boohoo.

See ya.

Friday, May 26, 2006

So many feelings


I'M GOING TO SCRAPCAMP TODAY!!! (and yes, I did mean to shout)

I'm feeling mad (with myself as I'm not as organised as I wanted to be), excited (coz I've got a whole weekend to scrap), nervous (coz I'm going to be with 70 people and I only know about 10 of them), petrified (about scrapping alongside all these people who I know turn out amazing pages), hopeful (that my friend I am bringing will enjoy it coz I suggested she come), eager to leave (even tho I'm not packed yet lol), and lots of other feelings I can't think of the words for.

Then DH says to me....Of course, I want you to note how they (the camp) do everything and tell me when you get back (he is Hospitality Manager and chief caterer at another large campsite)

On top of all the above....YEAH RIGHT!!!

See you there if you're going, otherwise I'll check in when I get back.

Monday, May 22, 2006

What to do????

Well, no blogging for a week. Where does time go??
I've finally finished my job and am now officially a SAHM. I'm not sure if that's how it might be for a while coz I really need a regular (good) income but I need to get into a decision making headspace etc, etc. There is so much to take into consideration that I am finding the decision making hard even if the numbers say there is no decision. Sounds confusing or pathetic but it's how it is. I haven't been 100% healthwise so I need to be able to get well too.

On a positive note I can't wait til scrapcamp this weekend. I'm not going with any huge expectations of getting lots done, but to spend the weekend with lots of people who enjoy doing the same thing as me will be fun. I'll just have to not get too depressed if I can't buy all the latest $$$....etc. Will start packing my tote tomorrow and have a bit more photo choosing work to do for the workshops etc. As for a 'P' costume....have to think creatively about that one. Karen, if you read this, I may be with you in my pyjamas.
I am looking forward to meeting some other bloggers and putting 'real people' to blogs/forum posts. Maybe we need a time to formally do that. Sort of an own up to lurking time.


Sunday, May 14, 2006

On a scrapping roll

Go me!! Today I have finished 3 pages. My puppy redo so inspired me that I've just done a RS to make it a double layout so it reads 'our fluffy puppy became a shaggy sheepdog'. And I finished 2 layouts that I've been uninspired by for ages. I'm not that happy with the journalling on the Hanging Out one, but I want to do some in my own printing, not lettering or the computer. In the Nine one there is a personal letter underneath the flap. I have kept no records of years of photos or anything, so remembering and journalling is a challenge. So much has happened in our lives....the memory in my hard drive feels like it has been deleted a number of times (or the system has crashed!!) Those of you who have been scrapping since your children are young are sooo lucky.
Happy Mothers day to all the mothers. I find it a hard day cause since losing Olly I'm still trying to find my place as a mother. I'm sure I used to have 4 young children and now, suddenly (well over a period of time but it feels very sudden) I have 3 strapping young men who are trying their darndest to cut the apron strings.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Posting in a gallery

What a buzz. The Scrapbook Outlet forum had a challenge to redo your 1st layout so I thought I'd have a go. I've never done a challenge on a forum before. I've done it and posted it. These are the 2 layouts. I'm happy with the redo. The photos aren't so great as I had to scan them off my 1st layout and then printed them at home. Not so happy with the colours of them but I'm buzzing from having done a challenge. Will wait and see them come up in the gallery now. I hope I loaded them right!! Here is the forum link -
Am a bit inspiered to do some more scrapping now so might have another play this afternoon.

I need to sort out some photos for scrapcamp and may need to get them printed elsewhere as not too happy with the printer at the moment. I don't know whether its the paper DH bought for me or the ink cartridge we've just put in. Will try and print some more off and see how they come out.


Monday, May 08, 2006


I'm trying to set the date and time for my posts so they are correct. Everytime I go to post-create it appears at the bottom for a few seconds and then dissapears. Do I have to be real quick or is there something else I can do? Help please anyone!!

No scrapping but

Did manage to flick through a load of old scrapmags this weekend. Took Elliot and Java (the lovely Labrador) to the beach for Sat and Sunday. Caught up with Dianna and Arwen from Whakatane, Andrea will call you next time I promise. Am feeling a bit sad and annoyed about the beach. The camp has put the prices up so far for the next year (July 1st) that we will probably have to lose our site. I haven't got another job yet and we just aren't able to use it enough with rowing in the summer and DH's job (works lots of weekends) It is a special place and holds lots of memories for us of special times with Olly. Here are a couple of piccies of "our spot".
Can't wait to scrapcamp. I've started thinking about what I want to achieve and getting (a bit) organised. Usually I'm frantically printing off photos the morning of a crop so I want to be a bit more sorted for this. I am bringing 2 friends from my (soon to be old) work and I'm really hoping they enjoy it.
Best go and sort dinner out. 2 sick teenagers today (fluey symptoms) so the house is dark with the tele on and lots of coughing sounds. I'm not very good at Florence Nightingale impersonations but I'm trying.
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Dull days

Don't know why, but when the weather is dull, I feel dull. We have a cold and not very sunny house, which is nice in the summer, but not very inspiring in the winter. Today was a dull day, grey and damp, and I have achieved very little. We have the rowing prizegiving tonight, so I will have to liven up a bit, find something decent (not gay and embarrassing according to my teenagers) to wear and go and be sociable. Then will wake up tomorrow and see what the weekend holds.