Sunday, June 24, 2007


...I was going to try and be a better blogger.
So whats happening here...lots and lots....
- Scraproom has had to go on hold...we have had another teenage girl move in. Nikki is 17 and is Abby's sister. Her mum has just moved to Perth and things haven't been too good with her dad so she is going to live with us. As I tell my boys...people are more important than things (like having a scrap room). I have instead comandeered an end of the upstairs lounge so I have been sorting thru stuff today in preparation for scrapcamp next week.
- Total is now 2 adults, 6 teenagers, one 'baby in tummy", 2 labradors and the house is now FULL. Not even any room in the stable lol.
- Toby and Tracey had their school ball last weekend. Toby got Best Dressed Male. Here is a pic of them together. Don't they look sensational!!! All in all a good week for Toby...he also got Best CEO and Best Company at a school business studies 3 day event. He has quite an entrepreneurial (?sp) streak.>

- Went to Whakatane to farewell Tash on Friday. She is moving to Kerikeri. All the best Tash. Hope to keep in (cyber) touch. Caught up with scrapping friends too. Thanks for the hospitality :-}
- Hubby now has only 10 more meals to go till he finishes work and he is on a countdown. He has 400 in this week so it will be a busy one. Lara, in answer to your question, he has been the Hospitality manager (read 'do everything in the kitchen') at Totara Springs Christian Camp for the last 2 years. He's worn out!!!
- Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary...24 years. We've been through some terrific times and some terrible ones too,but I'm looking forward to many many more years together. Love you Steve xx
Here is us:

Wish I had this week off to get organised a bit more but I guess it will all happen eventually. Just have to remember to stop and smell the roses occasionally and besides...being organised and in control of your life is overrated I think....


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday sunday....da da, da da da da...

Does anyone know the song that's in my head? Maybe it goes Monday, Monday...I don't know. Anyway, I've woken up this morning to rain, and I didn't do any washing yesterday and it was fine!! I hate it when that happens. DH has today and tomorrow off and I was going to suggest a day out but seeing as it is raining we might just do some more painting (nearly finished the scrap room) and hang at home. E has had 2 friends to stay all weekend so far and T has to do more work on sorting his room out. Tr is working all day. Life with teens. I and A get a whole houseload of stuff today for when they move into a flat and I have NO IDEA where we are going to put it all in the meantime. Lucky we have a big house but still. It's great for them (well, sort of, Ab's mum is moving to Perth :-( ) coz it means when they have a flat they have lots of stuff incl washing machine and dryer, lounge and dining room suite and other bits and pieces. Might be a bit squashed here in the meantime lol.

Yesterday I decorated my SCRAP letters to go on my noticeboard in the 'newly decorated' room and started altering some tins for pens etc. The main colour I'm using is burnt orange cos the room has an orange feature wall (the teens tell me feature walls are soooo last year!!!) Hopefully will have some pics soon when I've moved in and got it looking all spic and span....yeah right. Those who know me well will know I don't do spic and span!!!

Big news for us is that DH has resigned from his job and finishes the end of June. He is tired of working 70 or 80 hour weeks (not paid overtime I might add) and has got a job here in Tauranga as a manager at a local pub. Ironic really for those who know where he is working at the moment lol. He loves the work he is doing but just can't sustain those hours long term. OMGosh. That means he will be home more. Hope he enjoys scrapping!!!

Off for another cuppatea and better let the chocolate log (ooops dog) that's scratching at the door in.


(Oh and answer to your question from a few posts ago....I had 1 emergency and 3 elective caesarians. My anatomy means I only have between a 5 - 15% chance of being able to birth a baby naturally and we were never willing to take that risk. We thank God for modern technology or neither myself nor any of my children would have made it. )

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yay...some scrapping

Have been scrapping and card making this weekend.
Here's one for the QB challenge on SBO. Haven't put it in the gallery yet coz it's too big. I need to get another photo on a lower setting. We had to use a sketch (thanks Trina for that) and a product that Andrea (Thanks Andrea too) sent. I got the cool Journalling cards from Jenny Bowlin.

Here's a layout I did a week or so ago at our Thurs night group.

And here's one I did on Sunday too. Very simple but I love it. You cant see the white pawprints accross the page very well.

Have a good week. I'm trying to be a bettablogger!!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Feeling blah...

I'm holed up in bed (on a Friday morning....not at work) with a sore throat and splitting headache. I'm trying to avoid it turning into a full blown fluey thing, or even a cold. I've commandeered DH's laptop so I can play while I'm here. I slept all day yesterday. I have scrappy plans for the weekend so I had better be feeling better lol.

I went to SENZ last weekend with my friend Raewyn who I introduced to scrapping about 6 months ago. We shopped till we dropped. I was cool to see Dianna and Jaks from Whakatane and Janine from Wgtn and Ann from Auck. Metup with our friend Julie from Tauranga too and between the 3 of us we bought lots. I stocked up on crate paper - zoom, baby bee and brunch papers, scalloped Bazzill,Scenic Route more chipboard (how much chipboard is too much), and a few other bits and pieces. I lso bought some cute wooden letters in Ravie font, to go on a noticeboard to go into my (nearly finished) scraproom. Might start on decorating them this weekend. I got SCRAP and he nearly couldn't find an S for me lol!!!
Buy of the week for me tho has been from Lime Tart. I have been thinking of buying some of the Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe range for ages and was disappointed I didn't see any at SENZ. Go onto the LT site yesterday and Phillipa has a colection kit of it at 40% off. That is about $21Austrailian. Oooops, had to hit the buy button on that one.

Right...note to self: Have to start using stuff now!!!!

Here's the photo of my lovely Labradors that blogger wouldn't let me post the other day. It is from February so Mocha is only small. Must get some more up to date ones of him!