Sunday, November 23, 2008

The most beautiful girl in the world....

Isn't she just lovely......


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update and stuff...

So, I'm sick of apologising for not blogging very I won't....right (insert evil grin here)

Wassup in my world you may ask.....I'm scrapping away doing the SBO "Very Sweet Christmas Competition". I decided to enter coz it's not a judged one but a raffle type one which means I stand a chance. Fitting it all in can be a challenge but I've kept up with it so far.
Here are some pics of my entries so far....

I've had to take so much time off work lately for personal matters that I had to go into work today (Sat) for 4 hours to make up time...and I'll have to do it again in a few weeks. Bummer in some ways but it's nice and quiet and I got heaps done. It's probably quiet coz I have no-one to talk to...I think I'm the distracting noisy one in the office...ooops!!
On the home front I have lots happening. My Mum is not well and has been deteriorating in her mobility. She doesn't drive and since Dad died I have been taking her out most weekends for her groceries and a bit of an outing. In the last month or so this has become the only outing she has :-( We are trying to get her to a specialist and I am taking time off this week also to get her assessed for some help at home. She wants to sell her house and move into a smaller unit and this is a major mission for us as we are the only family living locally. DH works hospitality hours and balancing these needs with having my grandaughter to stay sometimes and supporting my teenage boys means that I feel like a very busy bunny. Thank God for scrapbooking and hiding away in my room for hours on end "cutting up bits of paper and sticking it to other bits of paper". Keeps me sane sometimes I reckon.

Is anyone else not coping with the hurry everyone seems to be in to 'stress about Christmas'. Isn't Christmas in December??? It's not even the end of November yet...what's with that???? I'm a true fan of the 'Ostrich approach' then the 'panic in the last week or so' approach. Am I the only one?? Besides, if I deal with Christmas too soon the family don't focus enough on my birthday in early December. Priorities right??

I'll leave you with a few random thoughts...
I want a MM Slice
I've decided to do the Rotorua Scrapcamp in late Feb and Autumn Escape in May then maybe SENZ in July
I need to win lotto (lol)
DH and I decided last night to plan a holiday to Melbourne and Tazzie (he has family there) next October (hey, if I log it here it may happen!!)