Sunday, November 23, 2008

The most beautiful girl in the world....

Isn't she just lovely......


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Update and stuff...

So, I'm sick of apologising for not blogging very I won't....right (insert evil grin here)

Wassup in my world you may ask.....I'm scrapping away doing the SBO "Very Sweet Christmas Competition". I decided to enter coz it's not a judged one but a raffle type one which means I stand a chance. Fitting it all in can be a challenge but I've kept up with it so far.
Here are some pics of my entries so far....

I've had to take so much time off work lately for personal matters that I had to go into work today (Sat) for 4 hours to make up time...and I'll have to do it again in a few weeks. Bummer in some ways but it's nice and quiet and I got heaps done. It's probably quiet coz I have no-one to talk to...I think I'm the distracting noisy one in the office...ooops!!
On the home front I have lots happening. My Mum is not well and has been deteriorating in her mobility. She doesn't drive and since Dad died I have been taking her out most weekends for her groceries and a bit of an outing. In the last month or so this has become the only outing she has :-( We are trying to get her to a specialist and I am taking time off this week also to get her assessed for some help at home. She wants to sell her house and move into a smaller unit and this is a major mission for us as we are the only family living locally. DH works hospitality hours and balancing these needs with having my grandaughter to stay sometimes and supporting my teenage boys means that I feel like a very busy bunny. Thank God for scrapbooking and hiding away in my room for hours on end "cutting up bits of paper and sticking it to other bits of paper". Keeps me sane sometimes I reckon.

Is anyone else not coping with the hurry everyone seems to be in to 'stress about Christmas'. Isn't Christmas in December??? It's not even the end of November yet...what's with that???? I'm a true fan of the 'Ostrich approach' then the 'panic in the last week or so' approach. Am I the only one?? Besides, if I deal with Christmas too soon the family don't focus enough on my birthday in early December. Priorities right??

I'll leave you with a few random thoughts...
I want a MM Slice
I've decided to do the Rotorua Scrapcamp in late Feb and Autumn Escape in May then maybe SENZ in July
I need to win lotto (lol)
DH and I decided last night to plan a holiday to Melbourne and Tazzie (he has family there) next October (hey, if I log it here it may happen!!)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well...we've been back nearly a week.... it's time for an update, right??

We had a lovely holiday away despite
- the dog running away and going to prison again (this time for the weekend and the kids had to find the $$ to get him out lol)
- No 3 son (16yrs) doing something very silly and getting himself in trouble (not prepared to share that but lets just say we are still NOT IMPRESSED)
- the weather being a bit grotty for a few days. We got stuck at the base of the Rimutuka's for 4 hours but it wasn't worth driving around the long way.

Great things about our holiday included
- yummy gelato in Napier and Taupo (yes I fell off the exercise wagon but tried to eat a bit healthy most of the time)
- stopping here for a beer- wine and olive oil tasting in martinborough
- BEAUTIFUL WEATHER in Wellington (hear that those cynics amongst you!!) all the time we were there
- a visit to Tempt for these- lots of wandering around the waterfront and DH taking lots of Wgtn photos- SENZ
- Dinner at Cobb & Co Upper Hutt with a load of scrap buddies, most of whom I had never met before. I love that about scrapbooking
- Cropping at Kiwiscraps with scrapbuddies mentioned above
- Just hanging out with DH
- Catching up with old friends (Pete and his family and coffee with Tracey)

Gosh I love Wellington and DH and I have always thought we might move back there one day....I was Wgtn born and bred and we were married there and lived there for 2 years before moving to Tauranga.
One great part of the holiday was coming home. The kids had all worked very hard and tidied up our back yard and the gardens. HUGE THANKS GUYS xxx

So coming up I have:
My scrappy friends coming round on Friday night to do some SENZ catchups
Sketchbook retreat in Auckland in 2 weekends time...please leave some room in the car for my stuff Delys and Angela
I'm going to the National Ballroom and Latin champs here in Tga with my Mum next weekend. An old family friend is judging.
I'm thinking of going to Nic Howards Autumn Escape next year...quite pricey but sounds like a bit of luxury I could do with.
Work, work and more work....


PS: Kate, if you read this...what scrapcamp in Feb???

Friday, October 03, 2008

A busy (but slightly lighter and fitter) blogger, he, he, he goes without saying... I've been a bad blogger. But I prefer to be thought of as a busy blogger. Not been doing any scrap stuff, unless you count the odd card. Just work, my private practice (on top of my fulltime job) and stuff for the whanau... my elderly mother and my beautiful grandaughter included.
So here is what is happening in bullet points:
- 12 week challenge going well. I'm now on week 7, I feel trimmer, fitter and I've lost just on 5kg. Yeeehaaa.
- DH and I are off for a holiday today (leaving kids and someone in our house) We are heading to Napier then down to Martinborough for a few days to do some wine things. Then we are in Wellington for a while and I'm going to SENZ and then we come home. We are both so looking forward to a) the break and b) spending some time together (we don't see each other much coz of our work hours) and c) him doing lots of photography and me going to SENZ.
- Life just goes on really.

If you are at SENZ and read my blog, please say Hi if you recognise me from my piccie. My hair is very red at the moment :-)
I'm doing 6 classes so I will be around most days.

I'll update with some holiday stories on my return


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just a Quickie...

A quick post (off to work soon) to update my progress with the 12 week challenge.
I'm going well-sticking to the eating part and haven't skipped any exercise yet. the week1/week2 interface was a challenge coz I bumped up the rowing a bit from 2x10 mins to 3x10 mins but now in week 3 I'm coping well with 3x12mins.
I lost another 1.4 kgs last week. I'm in the middle of week 3 now and have had a hard day yesterday (really hungry last night for some reason) but my trainer comes to see me on Fri so we can tweak things then.

Just the end of this week I'll be quarter of the way through and I can already feel some good benefits.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week one Success

Well, I've made it through week one of my 12 week challenge. I've lost 1.2kgs and I'm now doing 30 mins every 2nd day on the erg (rower) and I'm onto week 2 of my weights training. The only weight involved so far is me (lol) but thats all good. I've stuck to the plan religiously so far and I'm being very disciplined in the eating department too. I have to eat a small (incl protein) snack every 2.5 hours so there is no chance of going hungry.

Whoo hoo....go me. I feel firmer already!!!

Off to a SU party now at a friends to buy more goodness :-)



Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why...hello there... anybody reading this?

A few quick bullet points to catch you up on the happenings 'chez moi'
*not a lot really ha ha
*enjoying the olympic rowing (and txt conversations with Andrea during it lol)
*I'm sick of the rain - who isn't I guess
*Seriously addicted to SU products at the moment - loving that pumpkin pie colour especially
*Had something exciting in the wind but it didn't eventuate :-( C'est la vie.
*I've booked 6 classes for SENZ and I'm really looking forward to having a holiday away with DH
*Did I mention I'm sick of the rain??
*I've done lots of scrapping/cards but I haven't taken ANY photos sorry.
*My grandaughter is nearly walking and it's only 6 weeks till her 1st birthday
*More importantly DS turns 16 on Thursday and I haven't got a clue what we are going to give him yet!!??!!

OH, how could I forget. BIG FOCUS for me at the moment. I have joined a 12 week challenge with a local fitness trainer.
OMG...what have I done. This is serious...exercise, nutrition, measurements, consultations etc. My goal is to lose at least 8kg (or more) and develop some good habits around exercise and healthy eating. I will sign up for another 12 weeks if I feel I need to. I've promised myself a big (ish) reward at the end of the 12 weeks if I stick with it - no, not more SU products...I'll get those anyway ha ha.
I started on Saturday (yes, only yesterday) so I will update with my progress each week. He visits me wks 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12.
2 days achieved, 82 to go. I have a week away in there somewhere but I'll have done 7 weeks by then so I'll allow myself some treats (like visiting this place)
Watch this space.


Sunday, July 27, 2008's been over a month

... since my last post. July has been a hard month for our family and I guess blogging has been in the too hard basket.

DH and I had a wonderful 3 days in Auckland at the end of June for our 25th wedding anniversary. Priscilla was great and I had a wonderful day exploring the scrapshops of Auckland.

The following week we got a call from Steve's brother to say their mother, who lives in Christchurch and we knew she wasn't well, had been given 24-48 hours left by the Dr's. We managed to sort everything out and get all of us (including Izzy, Abby and Taylor) to Christchurch within the next 36 hours. We got some precious time with her at the hospital and I'm pretty sure she knew Taylor was there and who she was. Sadly she passed away on the Sunday (5 days later) It was special to have all the family there (from NZ and Australia) and it was the first time all the cousins had been together ever (except our precious Olly, of course) Also special was it was Abby's first time ever in the South Island and it snowed. Her funeral was what she had wanted, and Steve's oldest brother gave a lovely eulogy about her life. It was hard for all of us of course.....and I found it especially hard to see my wonderful boy's be pallbearers again!!! (they were pallbearers at Oliver's funeral too) I guess it's often the little and unexpected things that upset me :-(

Getting back into things after that took a while and I guess we have just been looking after ourselves. Work is pretty challenging at the moment for various reasons and all I would like to say is "watch this space".

Scrapwise I have been plodding on. I have stopped our Thurs night scrapping at the moment as I have committed my Thursday nights to babysitting Taylor while Izzy and Abby do a great parenting course called Incredible Years. I used to be involved with facilitating it when I was a family counsellor and I think it's the greatest course. Instead scrapping is going to happen on alternate Friday nights at my house for the rest of this year.
I did get over to Hamilton yesterday for Crop Waikato though and I got 4 pages done which I am pretty happy about. I'll try and get some photos uploaded this week. It was great to scrap with a load of people who I have met thru scrap events, blogging and forums etc. A big thanks to Neen and Vicky for organising it.

Oh and last week, my oldest baby turned 20 years old. What a milestone. My boys are now 20, 18 and nearly 16. How did that happen?? When they were younger I used to wonder what life would be like when they were all teenagers. Now, although I love them to bits and am enjoying them all at the ages that they are, I would give anything for them to all be loud, little boys again (especially to have 4 of them!!). I'm sure it was only last week ... how time moves so quickly.

So that's me for now. I'm in bed today with a cold and trying to get better as I have stuff on this week I need to be well for.

I'm going to try and blog more...Promise.....


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Goodies and going away...

OMG......I had a Stampin Up demo at my house yesterday. 16 (yes 16) lovely ladies came and made a lovely card (I didn't coz we ran out of room at the tables and I was too busy helping the demonstrator lol) Some of them bought stuff (so did I) and now I get to choose loads of free goodies because there is an extra hostess promotion on at the moment. Awesome products and I love most of the catalogue. Think of me as I struggle to choose (insert evil grin here hehe.)

This week I only have 2 days of work as I am taking Tues, Wed and Thurs off. DH and I are off to Auckland for a few days to celebrate our 25th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. Well done us!!!! We are going to the stage show of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert one night and dinner up the Sky Tower for the other. He has a work meeting all day Wed so I am heading out to NZ Scrapbook for some scrapping retail therapy. Can't wait.....



Sunday, June 08, 2008

Been sick.... another post. Not bad.....2 weeks lol. I've been sick (NOT the flu) and I'm feeling much better but still in a bit of pain. Anti bugs are kicking in (on 2 sorts) and I even ventured out of the house today, taking my Mum to the supermarket and then a wee trip to HN's so DH could get some photos printed. I will go back to work tomorrow so I better feel better.

I've been doing some scrapping....but haven't taken any pics sorry. Maybe another day. I seem to be liking the way my supplies are set up at the moment so that is a good thing right!! The creative juices are starting to flow.

Speaking of creative juices, I'm really impressed with DH's photography at the moment. He has come a long way and is currently putting together an assignment for a course he is doing.
I'll leave you with a few of my favs.

And (of course) a couple of the very lovely Taylor....

Better go and finish a report I am writing and then I guess it's Monday tomorrow


Monday, May 26, 2008


.....out there. It's been ages since I last posted. Just haven't felt like it really and life is pretty full on. Work has it's ups and downs (what work doesn't I guess) and with the other private work I do I feel like I lurch from weekend to weekend really.

My scrapping mojo has been seriously absent the point where I have got grumpy and not liked anything I have been doing :-( I've still managed to purchase some goodies tho. One (very) rash spend has seen me get a Fiskars Threading Water punch. For those who don't know, it is a cute long scallop edge punch with holes in. I won it on Trade Me (apologies to anyone who I might have bidded against in the process) All's fair in love and scrapbook shopping right!!?? The boys have banded together and ordered me a cropodile bigbite (OK...well I had to order it) for Mother's Day, so once that arrives I'll have no excuse right. I'll have to get into it right???? Who am I trying to kid.

I went to my first Stampin Up party the other night (another rowing Mum) and I've said I'll have one myself. I bought some of their papers (great price) and the stamp cleaner thingy and a set of stamps for general cardmaking. I've got my eye on the scallop circle punch and maybe a few other things too.

My mojo got a bit of a fire up this weekend. I went to the Itchy Nail (scrapshop in Whakatane that I hang out at sometimes) scrapcamp for the weekend. 2 and a bit days of uninteruppted scrapping with some fun people in the most beautiful place on earth....right on Ohope Beach. No was a 20 metre walk to the beach and we could look at White Island out of the windows while we scrapped.......bliss. Throw in a mobile massaage on the Saturday and wine with our yummy food and I had a blast. We did a cool thing on Sunday morning where we all contributed to each others pages (5mins then pass it on) Thanks to anyone involved who might read this. It will always be a special page :-) Watch out over at the Itchy Nail blog for pics.

Ok...that's me for now.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Yay...a quiet..restful...

....weekend. I've done some housework (yuk but very necessary) and this afternoon I have been making some cards for some people at work (like commissions really lol) Here they are. The cute handbags are envelopes and they have the matching little cards inside.

And here are some layouts I've done recently....

Otherwise a quiet one here really. Went to The Itchy Nail last weekend to crop and shop with some of my Thusday night scrapbuddies. That was fun...thanks Delys. I'm off to the Itchy Nail scrapcamp at Ohope Beach (one of my most favourite places) at the end of May. I can't wait. I bought my SENZ tickets this week too. DH and I are hoping to go down for a week or so and have a bit of a holiday together. We might even stay on a vineyard in Martinborough and do some wine tasting...yummo. Something later in the year to look forward to.


Sunday, March 23, 2008 I haven't posted for a while...

.....does anyone still visit???

It's Easter, the rowing season is almost over, I've finished my module at WINTEC and I feel like I might have some life back. I've found my desk in my scraproom and started some cards and layouts...all is well lol.
Guess who came to stay with me Saturday night....

....wearing sparkly jeans no less. How cute is that?? For those who don't know, this is my DGD (Darling Granddaughter) She's not even 6 months old yet and she is trying to crawl.

DH and I had a very pleasant afternoon yesterday sipping pinot gris downtown Tauranga at the Jazz festival. What a huge event...the council now closes off about 4 roads...and it is such a cruisy atmosphere. Great music too.

Off to scrap some more. I need to make a dent in all this product so I can have an excuse to buy some more. I'm loving the new MM 5th Ave (Sophie) and the Animal Crackers.....such yummy stuff.


Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is for Delys....

....yum, yum, yum...

...and it's soooo pink :-)


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi there...

So what's been happening 'chez nous' over the past couple of weeks. I have lost track of time a bit.
E is back at school... year 11 this year so the big NCEA. He's not a fan of school so I am predicting a bit of a challenging year.
T is now working (not quite fulltime) at Pizza Hutt.... saving $$$ to go away in May or June. He turned down the last camp America camp he was offered and has just been offered another which he is considering.
E and T are both very busy with rowing. T is a coach and I am very proud of the commitment he is showing to his crews and the sport. It can't be easy to get out of bed at 5.15 lots of mornings when you don't have to and listen to 14-16 yr old boys whinge at you coz they have to train hard lol.
T turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. We all managed to coordinate to go out to dinner together about 5 days after which was nice.
DH is frantic with his new job...trying to get the place profitable again. His Wedding photography course has started for the year and he is also doing Artistic as well. He starts tutoring level 1 next term so he is right into it. Now he 'needs' another camera....apparently you need 2 cameras to do weddings lol.

I too am busy. I have picked up a post grad paper at WINTEC (Hamilton) this term so I have my head in the books... well, not as often as I need to. Work and my private practice work keep me pretty busy. I'm still committed to our Thursday night scrapgroup and with a bit of effort I manage to average about a page a week on a thursday night. Things will ease off when the rowing season finishes and my paper is over. In the meantime I just have to keep those balls in the air.
I saw my lovely grandaughter on Friday night....I hadn't seen her for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. She is sooooo lovely and I and A are doing really well in their own place.

Anyway...must fly. Essay's to write, articles to read, stuff to sort. I hope whatever you juggle is going ok for you.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some layouts to share....

I have been doing some scrapping in the last few weeks. Here is a selection of layouts.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday night before a rowing regatta...

- a trip to the supermarket to buy supplies
- cooking bacon for bacon and egg baps
- assembling a lunch for everyone including healthy buns for me and DH, B&E baps for DS x2, creamed rice for the rower, meusli bars ++ for snacks, juice, fruit, water bottles, flasks for making coffee at some ungodly hour of the morning when we leave, and maybe I might bake something yummy (or maybe not)
- find the binoculars, fold out chairs, something to read, camera, cap, sunblock, insect repellant, rain jacket, blanket etc, etc
Quickly do some housework coz I'm stuck at Karapiro all weekend.

Dilemma is ... do I spend the petrol and risk missing DS's race and sneak off to Hamilton to visit Create or Scrapbook Inn or Spotlight (and risk spending $$ I don't need to spend but gosh it's fun!!!!) while I am there or do I be the loyal parent and sit on those (very uncomfortable) fold out chairs all day to watch 2 races....I mean ALL DAY here...we will leave at 6am and get back at about 6pm when...on Sat night...I repeat it all again for Sun lol.

Did I mention that I do really love that our kids row. It is a wonderful sport.

:-} I am so glad Monday is Auck anniversary weekend and a public holiday in out neck of the woods.


Ps: I and A and my lovely mokopuna moved out today.

I'm thrilled they have their own place now but sad as well. I will miss them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Just a quickie...

...because I've been up since 5 and have to get up at 5 again tomorrow. We had to be at Blue Lakes (Rotorua) at 6.30 this morning....only the wind was so strong they ended up postponing the regatta 2x then at 11 am decided to call it off until tomorrow. We'll try again tomorrow.

DH and I took the opportunity to pop into Rotorua for brekky at the Fat that place. Popped into Spotlight too as we don't have one in Tauranga. They have my most favourite American Crafts Thickers (foam letters) for only $5 a packet. I loved them so much last year I ordered them from the states! Might have to pop back tomorrow and get some more. I am waiting on the new Basic Grey Two Scoops (I've ordered some) and some cool clear alpha stamps too.
I was thrilled to get an email from UP2SCRAP to say I had won these cool Queen & Co buttons on their blog.

Thanks Up2Scrap and Queen & Co.

Did 2 whole layouts on Thurs night while the girls were here...was really motivated. Will take pics sometime.
I am off to Auckland....the big little city???....what's with that??? DS has an interview right in the middle of town at 11.30 on Monday so I've taken the day off work to take him. Then he wants to go to the zoo. How cool is that...he's 17. Should be fun.

Anyway...must hit the hay.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bliss... a clean self. A long hot shower late this afternoon. Now all DH has to do is sort out the minor leaks with a bit of silicone. Although we have put a new shower in the UPSTAIRS bathroom...we are actually renovating the DOWNSTAIRS bathroom. But because the upstairs shower needed replacing eventually we put a new one in before we put the ceiling in the downstairs..if that makes any sense...because the bathrooms are on top of each other. Next step is gibbing and stopping the downstairs bathroom, laundry and hallway (well half the hallway) Oh, and putting the bath in downstairs. These are all exciting changes seeing as we demolished walls about 5 or 6 years ago and have lived with framing and no function ever since.

Big news is Abby and Izzy move next weekend or the weekend after and we have big 2 day rowing regattas both days. Challenge will be to get them to take all their stuff and not leave their rubbish...but not take any of our stuff. I guess in the big picture I'm not really fussed. Although I will miss them dearly, I know they need their own space and I will feel a little more in control of the house.

Exciting news for DS (17) A Jewish camp 2 hours out of New York is intersted in him and we are heading to Auckland next week for an interview. The place sounds amazing and once he has a definite locality I think it will become all the more real for him. What an exciting adventure he will have.

We have installed the awesome statue (? the right description of it) in the garden. I'm not sure it's in the right place yet but we can move it.

Caio for now

Edited to add...sorry about the blurry photo...nightime photography after a couple of!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


...we still have no shower. Now it looks like this....

Luckily DH has been away for work for a week in a motel in Auck and DS's have beeen at training camp for rowing. I and A have been going to A's mums for a shower and I have alternated with having one at work and one at my Mum's. But I want my bathroom back. DH gets back this afternoon so hopefully will sort it all out. Not a good start to getting sorted this year but never mind.

I've done a bit of scrapping in the last while....mainly of the lovely Taylor. It is such a novelty for me to scrap baby girl pages and buying lots of girly scrapping stuff. I have just ordered some Basic Grey Two Scoops which is divine!!!
I will post more LO's over the next few days but here are 2 I have done in the last 2 days.

I did a bit of tidying up in the garden last week and we have bought a scupture for our garden in honour of Olly. We were given $$ to put towards it 3 years ago and have just managed to bring ourselves to buy something. Will post a pic once it is in my garden. I have found this Christmas/New Year has been hard with the number of all just reminds us of what we have been through, how much we miss him etc. If anyone thinks I am a together sort of person, be assured that not far below the surface is a blubbering grieving mess. It only takes one tragedy in another part of the country to 'bring it all back'.

Trust me...I don't believe there is ever such a thing as "over it"!!!

Enough said. Sad to hear about Sir Edmund Hillary's death yesterday. He was a great man and my thoughts are with his family who are grieving the passing of a beloved husband, father and grandfather.


Sunday, January 06, 2008


.....can I whisper a little secret in your ear?? Very quietly now...'s nearly 4pm Sunday and the plumber is here. I can hear banging and drilling and other such sounds. Don't want to say too much too loud in case I spoil it and discover it's not real.....


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ok..Progress so far....

...or should I say "lack of progress so far". Got the pantry tidy and the study sort of under control. Why is it that piles of paper will always look messy???

Now the plumber saga!! DH organised with DS for his mate (who is a plumber) to come on Thurs to replumb the shower upstairs (currently the only operating bathroom we have).... DH gets up on Thurs and rips out the old shower.... it's Saturday and the shower STILL looks like that. The new base is in but we can't do any more until the plumber replumbs it so we can put the new fitting in and the new walls up. And he still hasn't come. We are all off to my mums for a shower this afternoon!! Apparantly said plumber is waiting for someone to get back from holiday coz his tools are in his car. Bad move on our part getting DS's mate to do it. Maybe we've learnt for next time...I hope.

As per the SBO forum I have chosen a word for this year for me. This year my word is


Next few posts I will record what I learnt/achieved with last years word which was SPACE.

Lastly a beautiful photo of my darling grandaughter to cheer me up coz I have no shower lol.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year....

...and welcome to 2008. I have been up for an hour and have started the year with some time on the erg (rowing machine), the ab machine and the home gym. I didn't do a lot but it's a start. I have started walking more about a month ago and now I need to tone as this space!!

DH and I are in "get sorted and under control around the house mode" We have made a decision to look at putting our house on the market towards the end of this year. Most of you will not realise what a huge mission that will be. I kid you is a very ambitious project.
A brief history of our home. We bought it in 1986. It had 8 bedrooms, 2 lounges/bathrooms/loos and an office and a games room. For the first 10 - 12 years we had many other young people live with us, including a stint fostering teens for the then DSW (now CYF's) About 6 or 7 years ago we decided to make it a little more like a family home and less like an institution lol.
So we started some alterations...knocking out walls etc. We had both architect and interior designer input (low key) BUT WE ONLY EVER STARTED!!! What with job disasters and losing Olly, motivation and funds became very low. In the last few months we have got back into it again and have begun to get somewhere. The idea is it will be a 6 bedroom family home with master ensuite etc. But we haven't done much (any lol) maintenence on it in the 20 years or so really.
It's a BIG JOB!! But we are determined (and on a shoestring budget)

I am going to use this blog to document our progress. I need to scrap it too as I have some photos.

Watch this space.

Today is simply - sort out the study and the pantry day. Baby steps really...but do you realise how much junk you can accumulate when you have lots of rooms and you live there for 21 years.

Will keep you all posted.

Caio for now