Sunday, January 28, 2007

A quiet weekend...

...for me. DH is frantic at work, I and A are at the Rotary Nationals, T is at Karapiro rowing all weekend and E is working at DH's work. Tr is around so we are going to have coffee and make sushi today....yummo. Made a few cards yesterday and did a page on Thursday nite when the girls were here. I am so loving the Lime Tart kits...they help me use papers and colours I wouldn't normally try.
My friend Raewyn has just got her Cricut so can't wait to have a play.

DH's birthday tomorrow...but he is working. One more week and the boys will be back at school and it will be a bit more routine. T is going back into the 7th form and E into the 4th form. Tr is still with us and she is in the 7th form too...talking of doing some scholarship subjects so she'll have to work hard.

Do you like my slide show? I feel a bit clever doing that lol.


Monday, January 22, 2007

Here's a pic....

...of some of the cards I've made lately.
Getting on top of my photos. Called into my LSS today and remembered I had a $20 voucher to spend. Pcked up a photo storage thingy so that will help. Once photo's are under control there'll be no stopping me......yeah right.

Countdown is on till new puppy time. Not quite sure when we get him but it could be as close as 10 or 11 days. Here's a photo of someone who might get his nose out of joint for a while....not too long I hope.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

...for all your very kind comments about my hair. Although it seems like a radical change,I used to have my hair like this a number of years ago (well short and red...maybe not quite so bright!!)
The really meaningful part for me is that I haven't cut my hair since Olly died...3 years ago nearly, apart from the odd trim. I felt ready for this haircut.

On another note.....EXCEPTIONALLY EXCITING.....we have made a big decision and we are getting a new puppy. I don't have any photo's so you"ll have to wait till he arrives in 2 weeks. He is a chocolate lab and his name will be Mocha. We will be a 2 lab family and are hoping that the Cleo and Shelby stories might be a bit less cos Java (out 5yr old golden lab) will keep him company. I know, I know....we are dreaming lol. Thanks Andrea for your telephone advice the other day. We've gone for it!!!

I have discovered a new way to make cards which is building up my supplies well and I like what I'm making (I find I often make a card then I don't like it) Every time I create a page, I make a card with the scraps. I have the colours sorted already, designs come quickly and I'm loving them. All still drawing from the inspirational cardmaking we did at scrapcamp in November as well (thanks Nic Howard!!) Might take photos and upload today.

I am on a mission to get my photos under control and in a system. I need something to keep them in. Any good ideas? and if so where did you get it from?

Have a good one.....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

WARNING... not read this post.....

...or look at the pictures....

.....if you get frightened easily..... ......or if you don't cope well with change.

:-) :-) :-) :-)

Thanks go to Michelle T-W for the awesome 'after' shots.

Big thanks also to Delys for the fun time we had at the crop yesterday at the Awakeri scout hall.
Scrapping got done, laughs were had (not at my hair) and the best Chinese I've had for a long time.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

as promised.... are the layouts I did this weekend using some of the papers and embellies from my Lime Tart kits. Loving the challenge of using different papers. Have to do the journalling on the 'Family' one, now I have finally bought a brown pen.

Work has been pretty quiet this week and home is pretty cruisy too. Haven't done any evening scrapping tho, for various reasons. Have cancelled my scrapping girls tonight as DH will be home tonight and I need to spend some time with him.....oh the sacrifices I make for my marriage lol. Am excited about this weekend coz I hope to catch up with an old friend from primary (yes, primary!!!) school, who I haven't seen since I was 12/13. Can't wait.

Caio for now

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've been.....

...scrapping up a storm this last few days. But...I can't post piccies till I've taken some and need daylight and FINE WEATHER to do that. I've rearranged my scraproom and done 4 layouts that I really like and made 3 cards with some scraps. I've never done much scraplifting before, but have found it, plus the inspiration of my new Autumn Leaves Designing with calender is just the ticket for getting into things. Am I motivated or what.....Will post pics tomorrow... promise.....

I have made a couple of scrap goals (they're the only important ones aren't they) for this year
In 2007 I will
- have 1 page published (I guess that means I'll have to try and submit some)
- Do more journalling (and get more crative with my titles)
- Get more organised with my photos
- try and keep my scraproom better organised

I don't want to be bah humbug about Christmas and all that, but I definitely feel happier now we've taken down the tree and cleared the mess all away. I guess denial is an easier place to be than facing everything.

OMG.....DS (16) has just come home with the most horrendous haircut (shaved skinhead style with V8 shaved in the top of his mullet and the long bit still there) I guess it's only hair and it will grow. He tends to wear a beanie most of the time anyway. I've just taken some photos so will add them to this post.

Family dinner this Friday so I guess that will give some of the rellies something to talk about!!

Why oh why?????? I guess just because he can :-)