Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hellooooo...I'm still here...

Hi there
Busy life with work and house full of teenagers.
So what's happened for me recently...
- Toby made the North Island Under 18 crew (cox) and rowed all the first week of the holidays at Karapiro...NI beating the SI once again. Great achievement for him and wonderful experience. They got to watch the trials for the NZ Juniors...hard out stuff. Here's a pic of him in action!

And this is what happens to coxswains when they win....

- Full on at work. Still lots to learn and lots of variety. Great bunch of people I work with which is good!

- Last weekend I went to CC07. A year ago I was heard to say I didn't really like freestyle and I must admit (although people are surprised) it is waaayy out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless I did 6 classes and really enjoyed it. Had a ball on Sat night staying at the hotel with Lianne and Yolande and scrapping all night with Y, L, Delys, Michelle, Sheryl and Eileen. I'm surprised security didn't come up and ask us to quieten down. It was fun...Thanks guys. The tutors were all very inspiring and I think I could get hooked on felting if I wasn't careful lol.

Came home from work on Friday at lunchtime feeling crook so I had a quiet day yesterday. DH has the day off today so we have things to do. My wonderful oldest DS has been gibstopping a room in our house and now we have to buy paint. DH has 5 days off in a row this week and is going to paint it.

Time for a cuppa tea now methinks and get into the day. Hope you have a good Sunday.


Monday, April 09, 2007


...halfway through writing the workshop (mentioned below) I decide to check a file box in the office marked "Oliver"...just in case I have miss filed a hardcopy of said workshop. In the filebox, there is NOTHING about Oliver and lots of otherstuff...


Yay, yay.

Quick read through...a bit of photocopying at 8am whan I get to work.... lots of winging it..... and generous allowances from my workmates that I 'deserve to NOT spend all of Easter Monday doing work related activities'
....and I can now do 'play' things for the rest of my day.


Don't you hate that!!!!

I have had a busy Easter...House stuff Fri, Cropping with friends 10-10 Sat (Thanks Delys I had a ball), time with Mum and taking T to rowing trials Sun. Today I have other things planned too.
But before I do that I think

"I need to print off the workshop I am taking at work (at 8.30am) tomorrow so I can read through the notes later"

I presented this particular workshop at a conference a few years ago and I save all the wokshops I write so I know I will have it.


Aaaaarrrggghh. I'm going to have to write a workshop today, and that wasn't on my list of things I wanted to do. And the other things sound much more fun.

I contemplate 'winging it', but for 2 hours I probably need a bit more prep than that.

Better get onto it then......

See ya