Saturday, December 30, 2006

Finally...another post....

...from me. I've been a slack blogger, I know. Just haven't been able to sit and blog for some reason. Anyway...I'm back now.

Did a load of scrapping before Christmas, will upload layouts over next few posts.
Christmas has been and gone. it was pretty quiet here, just us and Mum. Izzy and Abby (his girlfriend) were in and out visiting her family as well and Tracey left about 10 ish to spend the day with her boyfriends family. Was cool to have everyone wake up here to their Santa stockings tho. We had candles burning through the day for Dad and Olly. DH and I did some juggling and got some of the kids to give us some vouchers and, combined with some we had already, got ourselves a new espresso machine and burr grinder. Still haven't quite got it all right yet but my coffees are improving. I also got Fat Freddy's Drop (love those guys) and U2 CD's, some glasses, a lunchbox for work, petrol to cover our trip to Wgtn in March, a photo frame, some beading things and can't remember what else. Boys all seemed happy with their haul and we are still eating leftovers!! In fact some food we bought for Christmas we haven't even cooked or opened yet LOL. As caterers we have problems with food quantities!!!

Toby is away at rowing training camp atm and DH is frantic at work till mid or late Jan so it's pretty quiet round here. Tracey is working madly to save for her Netball trip to Aussie in a couple of weeks and DS (18) and girlfriend have just headed off to Whitianga for New Years.

I'm working thru (except for stats) but work is pretty quiet. Haven't plucked up the courage to take my scrapping stuff into work tho ha, ha. Planning on reorganising my scraproom (again!!!!) this weekend and getting some stuff done.

Will post again soon.

Happy New Year and may 2007 be filled with good things for you. May you also have the courage and strength to face the 'not so good' things that come your way too, cos they invariably will I've decided.


Sandra :-)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not much blogging happening....

....from me at the moment. Guess I am winding down a bit, and just managing what I can. Christmas is a very hard time of year for us, with one of our babies gone. This will be our third Christmas without our beloved Olly and I thought I was doing well but it's starting to kick in now. Had a pretty fragile day yesterday. Goes with the territory I guess.....I just didn't choose the territory.
Just placed a wee order at KS and Phillippa forgot me at Lime Tart so she's sending an extra wee pressie so that will all help lol. Went to Whakatane to crop with Dianna and Tash on Saturday too and that was fun.
Not very organised for the Christmas thing...have made cards and have some ideas for pressies. Will be our first Christmas without Dad too. It's going to be a quiet affair, just us and Mum as my brother and his family are heading up North for a holiday. Tracey will be with us too I think, although she might go to her boyfriends family. It's pretty wierd for her too as her family are going to be overseas.
Anyway, best get ready for work and rustle up some energy to talk to people and be pleasant ha, ha. In honour of Olly here is a picture of my boys on Christmas day in 2001. Olly is the one pulling a silly smiley face...he always did that when you pointed a camera at him!! It's sometimes so hard to believe that those times were only 5 years ago....things have changed so much and they are all so BIG now too.


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to....

.....ME. Today is my birthday and I am 40 something!! I decided coz it was a Saturday and it was my birthday I would have a party...a 'girlfriends lunch'. I have had 15 of my wonderful girlfriends over for a lovely lunch on our deck. I enjoy catering so I made all the food. I was so spoilt, as I never realised everyone would bring pressies!!! It was cool to have some scrapping/blogging friends there (waves to Dianna and Andrea) Sorry about making you ask people questions Dianna! Here are some pics of our day.

Caio for now