Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi there...

So what's been happening 'chez nous' over the past couple of weeks. I have lost track of time a bit.
E is back at school... year 11 this year so the big NCEA. He's not a fan of school so I am predicting a bit of a challenging year.
T is now working (not quite fulltime) at Pizza Hutt.... saving $$$ to go away in May or June. He turned down the last camp America camp he was offered and has just been offered another which he is considering.
E and T are both very busy with rowing. T is a coach and I am very proud of the commitment he is showing to his crews and the sport. It can't be easy to get out of bed at 5.15 lots of mornings when you don't have to and listen to 14-16 yr old boys whinge at you coz they have to train hard lol.
T turned 18 a couple of weeks ago. We all managed to coordinate to go out to dinner together about 5 days after which was nice.
DH is frantic with his new job...trying to get the place profitable again. His Wedding photography course has started for the year and he is also doing Artistic as well. He starts tutoring level 1 next term so he is right into it. Now he 'needs' another camera....apparently you need 2 cameras to do weddings lol.

I too am busy. I have picked up a post grad paper at WINTEC (Hamilton) this term so I have my head in the books... well, not as often as I need to. Work and my private practice work keep me pretty busy. I'm still committed to our Thursday night scrapgroup and with a bit of effort I manage to average about a page a week on a thursday night. Things will ease off when the rowing season finishes and my paper is over. In the meantime I just have to keep those balls in the air.
I saw my lovely grandaughter on Friday night....I hadn't seen her for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. She is sooooo lovely and I and A are doing really well in their own place.

Anyway...must fly. Essay's to write, articles to read, stuff to sort. I hope whatever you juggle is going ok for you.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some layouts to share....

I have been doing some scrapping in the last few weeks. Here is a selection of layouts.