Sunday, April 30, 2006

I did it!!!!

Well, here it is. It hardly looks like I've spent weeks on it but sometimes that's how it goes eh. There's a few new experiments here for me too so thats a bonus... handstitching, no matting (I have discovered I'm so attached to matting everything) and using flowers.
Would just like to post the following to 'publically' remind myself:

Why I scrap:
Mostly just coz I like it - the colour/design/ittybitty embelishments and shopping parts especially!!
To leave my children a record of their/our/my stories
To create something that is uniquely mine/theirs
To honour them both now and in the future
Cause it's 'healthy' to have a hobby
Coz I've found it very 'therapeutic' since losing Olly (I'd like to research the why's and wherefores of that someday)
Coz it's much more fun than other things I should be cleaning the house, sorting out stuff, exercising etc. Delys I am so with you on that one!!

Not why I scrap (iykwim):
To keep up with everyone else
To be liked/famous/ admired
To be trendy/fashionable and only use the 'latest' products
To have my pages/projects look like everyone elses
To earn money (or to spend lots of money either-although that sometimes happens)
To finish all my photos..(that is so never going to happen lol)

I's sure I'll come up with heaps more reasons once I've published this but that is a start. Perspective has now returned and I will (hopefully) move on....just doing my thing.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Scrapping support required...

Is it called 'scrappers block' when you get halfway through a page and can't finish it?? I started a page a while ago and I'm stuck now. I spent ages yesterday, embossing individual letters for the title and now the colour of them isn't right. I've already spent ages doing some handstitching on the first attempt at this....and have planned to put some flowers on it too which is very novel for me having 4 boys. It's just not coming together. I'm feeling a little low on motivation because of it and can't even bear to go in my scraproom. Ending up on the computer doesn't help coz then I get overwhelmed by the volume of pages everyone else seems to churn out and feel useless coz you are all so good and do such lovely work (and have all the yummy products that I am coveting - not good) Blah, blah, blah!
Real pity party here. Any ideas to get me out of it....HELP!!!
Have just made savoury muffins which I am good at doing. They smell yummy and I might go and eat those instead!! Won't make me feel good about my page tho.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back blogging....

Well it has been a long time since I last posted. We have had a wonderful holiday in the beautiful South Island. 1 week of non stop rowing at Twizel - gorgeous weather, stunning sceanery but no medals (2 out of 3 aint bad) and then 3500 kms of road trip around the bottom and west coast of NZ. Great time of year to go too, the Autumn sceanery (sp??) was spectacular. Highlights would have to be Speights and Cadbury factory in Dunedin, revisiting my old uni haunts in Dunedin (I can't believe Potpouri and the Govenors still exist), the Ice bar in Queenstown, Kingston (I want to live there...I just fell in love with the place), bluff oysters and chips in Bluff and revisiting the Antartic centre in Chch again. Teenage boys got a bit sick of lakes, trees and mountains but hey...they'll appreciate it when they really realise they have now seen ALL of NZ!!!! It was great just hanging out together, even if it was only 2 of our boys not all 4 that got to be with us. I took a little Mickey Mouse with us in honour of Olly.
Got back to more difficulties at work and have made a big decision to resign. Have decided my job needs a set of skills and knowledge that I don't currently possess. Haven't got another job to go to yet but have resigned anyway. Not an easy time. Looks like scrapping on a budget again!!!
Today I am attending a funeral of a dear past work colleague. I will need to do some serious 'self care' tomorrow.
Will try and update more often now. Feel like I have been in a bog with all the job stuff and there have been some health issues in there too. Now to find a way out of it all!!