Friday, August 24, 2007

What have I been doing????

Where have I been??? You may well ask. Haven't been anywhere, just scrapping, working, being a mum to teenage boys and all the other things life brings.
So here are some of my recent layouts

Other scrapping related things:
- went a bit crazy when the $$ was high and ordered from America. Love the Bisous PDQ packs I got. Unfortunately I made 2 CHA preorders (American Crafts and Queen & co) and they haven't come off the Visa yet. Notice how much the $$ has dropped!! OOOps. Never's only money lol. Can't wait till they come tho.
- bought a pack of BG Periphery. Luv, luv, luv it!!

Other non scrapping related news:
- Looking positive for Elliot to row this season. Fingers crossed
- Toby compered the school talent quest for both nights and did VERY WELL
- DH is really getting into his photography and is learning lots at his classes
- only 3 weeks till I have a week off work and a holiday on my own!! Hope the motel I'm staying at has room for my scrapping stuff.
- only 7 weeks till baby is due...very excited nana here :-)


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Learnings since moving into my scraproom....

- I can probably live without ever seeing TV again
- It is good to clean up at the end of a session...only takes 10mins
- I need a small fold out type table that i can set up as a return to give me just a wee bit more space
- I can fit a big table in there with 2 friends scrapping on it as well as me at my desk (...any takers??)
- me, 2 labradors and the gas heater in there makes for a very productive and cosy evening
- it might be crowded if I have the labradors and friends in there at the same time lol!!!

Lookig forward to be able to do the cybercrop (at SBO) on the laptop and scrap in there at the same time tonight.
Hopefully will have pics of layouts to share soon

Ciao :-}