Monday, July 31, 2006


I've been tagged by Janine and I've not done this before so here goes...

4 jobs I've had - Physio, Gym Instruactor, Developmental Therapist, Family Counsellor

4 Movies I could watch over and over - Erin Brokovitch (?sp), Notting Hill, Pretty Woman, My Best Friends fact, any sap with Julia Roberts in.

4 TV Shows - Not watching any at present. Enjoy NZ programs

4 Fav foods - Potato chips, hot chips, wedges and french fries (detecting a theme???)

4 tunes I play in my head - Can't think of one at the moment. Enjoy Eva Cassidy and Jack Johnson

4 Websites I visit daily - SO, KS, lots of blogs and ITV (I follow Corrie St in England on the net)

4 Best scrapbooking lines - Scenic Route, Queen & Co, Junkitz, Basic Grey

I tag anyone who reads this who hasn't shared this info before....go honest!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Feeling sad...

This morning I waken to a silent empty house. DH went to work at 6am, and my 2 DS's are staying with friends (as teen boys often do) I am reminded that not very long ago....feels like very large house was a busy bustling home with 4 young boys and lots of noise and action. Today there is just silence. I always miss Olly, but at times like these I am acutely aware of his absence and the fact that our lives have changed forever. I wish for a while, I could have all those little boys back. Maybe today I will do some Olly scrapping. It's funny how these things come up for me. I've just looked at the date and on Tuesday it will be 2 and a half years exactly since he died. Self care days are in order I think.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Rocking along

Another quick update...(thanks for the hurry along Lynda LOL). Went out to dinner for Izzy's 18th on Sunday. Food was cr**p but we got all the meals free as a gift for lending the restaurant our commercial mixer. Wouldn't have wanted to have paid for them. Had a really lovely evening with the boys, 2 girlfriends (Izzy's and Toby's), and my parents tho. We rarely get out together like this cos it's expensive so it was special. Made Izzy a birthday cake, like I used to when they were's a rotornut, if you don't know...boy stuff. I was relly chuffed that we came up with a really cool present for him and I think he's really happy with it. We are paying for him to do the training and sit his class 2 truck licence. It's something he can always have and may come in useful one day (and it doesn't make a lot of noise and his flatmates can't steal it LOL)
Tidied the study yesterday and did the last in my series of 4 scrapclasses for my friend. She's hooked and she's hooked someone else too...who has done a lot of CM but wants to branch out. Have a scrapcanvas group on Sun afternoon and that's the last of my attempts to save some $$ for CC06. Stripping wallpaper again today. Lovely to recieve a parcel of flowers in the post today. Thanks Kris, they're cool. Job interview (at 8.30am in the morning...what kind of a time is that!!!) tomorrow. Maybe swappins Wed afternoon and on Thurs I'm off to DH's work to make sushi for 200...should be fun. Will start my diet friday...I loooovvve sushi.
Back to stripping...yay, yay.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my post about my son. I appreciate your comments.
Also I still have some more Lace to give away (see previous post) Just give me a contact in your comment and I'll get in touch with you for an addy.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tweaking things

just playing around.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A quick update...

Sorry Tash, I 'borrowed' your title. Haven't blogged for a while. Haven't been busy either. Just 'puddling' along. Boys back at school this week which is good to get back into routine. Have stripped 2 panels of wallpaper...oh dear, may take me till 2008 at this rate. Done some more sorting. Was grumpy at DH on Wednesday. He gets Wednesdays off, so while I am not working, I try and keep it free to spend with him. We "popped out to do a few messages" (for his work) at 9am and got home a 1pm....4hrs of work shopping on his day off. Ok, we went to WHS as part of it but still. That man needs some self discipline and boundaries. It's all purely his choice!!!!
Anyway, rant over. Have done 2 layouts this week, will post later. I am teaching a friend some scrapping stuff so I've done these ones to teach her techniques etc. OK about them but they're not my faves.
Have a job interview on Wednesday. Not ready to go back to working yet, but this is one I'd quite like I think so willing to compromise if it means I get a good job. Will see what it's about, what they're wanting/offering, and if they want me (LOL)

Tomorrow my oldest (or is it eldest?) DS turns 18!!!! It seems so old. He has been 'old' for years really. He left school at 15, has lived and worked in Auckland for a year, has been flatting 2x, lived with his girlfriend (they have separate flats now and seem surprised that it works 17...doh!!!) All of these things have really challenged me as a mother, but I have worked hard in it all to maintain a good relationship with him cos I believe that's really important. He now is loving working as a Gib Stopper, has done his 1st house on his own, and is going on contract work in a few months. I'm so proud of the things he has achieved, yet so many seem happy to criticise that he is not at school, still at home and going to Uni. Thank you so much to those who made positive comments about him being in a trade in my last post. I think it's great (altho I do wish he was a plumber....the world needs more plumbers...have you ever tried to get one??)
I guess I just want to state how very much I love him and am so proud of him. All of our boys have been through so much with losing their little brother and I think Izzy has been amazing. I'll share this wee tear jerker with you to finish. Hope he doesn't mind. He has a tattoo. It's down his Right forearm, it says "RIP LIL BRO". He wanted it there so he saw it every day in the shower to remember and honour Olly. How can a Mum not be proud of that!!!!!!!

So much for a quick update...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Not much happening.... my world. No scrapping being done after my rush a week or so ago. Finished my "court report" for an assessment I am doing...will e-mail that off today. No more windows done yet but have bought CRC so that's a start. DS (gibstopper) has advised me to strip the wallpaper in the bedroom I'm starting and he will give it a skim coat. Buggar, thought I might get away with just painting it's wallpaper stripping today. DH had the weekend off work (he only gets 1 weekend a month off) so I just hung out with him. Washed 12 cars on Saturday to raise funds for DS's rowning. Just life stuff really. Applied for a job a week ago. No sign of an interview yet...not sure if that's a good or a bad thing??
I will send the lace out to those who responded once you e-mail me your address. Sorry the 1st e-mail seemed a bit blunt(I didn't even sign it LOL) My mind was on other things.

Have a good week

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lace to give away.

I was given a bag of lace a few years ago. Its nearly all nylon, in whites, beiges, pinks, a bit of green and blue. I've sorted it into some little bags to give away. Post your addy on my blog (or let me know how I can contact you) if you would like one. Great for heritage layouts (or layouts about your granny's knickers LOL) No idea what the response will be. I have about 10 bags. Will leave this up for a couple of days then maybe put it on a forum.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I should've been....

...writing up a report from an assessment I am currently going through. But today I did some scrapping instead.

This is my LO for the sketch challenge for SO. Simple but effective I think. I so wish my mother had recorded things like names of teachers when I was at primary school. Have lost motivation to do what I set out to do today so I've given up and will try again tomorrow. It is after all, another day.
I've posted this other LO before but I think it makes a neat contrast.

Mothers, enjoy your gorgeous, clean cut little boys. They grow up into this!!!

I love him to bits but.
Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Up early...

It's 5.59 am on a Sunday and here I am on the computer. Just picked DS up from his mates and took him to work. Looked like he'd only just gone to bed...he has to last till 1pm and then he can crash. Hope he learns soon that parties and 6am starts don't work that well together.
Here's the last in the series of photos of me. I'm 21! I have pic of me with (really, really) short hair somewhere that I will upload sometime to prove it hasn't always been long.

Here is a layout I did for another SO challenge. I wanted to make this one busy and girly. Loved it to start with but not so much now. If you notice I am using lace, it's because I was given a HUGE bagful a few years ago and I'm finally sorting it out. I hope to package some of it up into small parcels and give it this space and the forums for details.

On the 'sort out the home front' I've still got 6 windows to do coz I've run out of CRC but will replenish and keep going. I'm currently painting windowsills, scotia and doors (and a desk) in DS's room. He's gone flatting (again) and they were a dark grey. I'm trying to lighten the room up a bit witthout having to do the whole walls. Hope to finish this job today so DH and I can move in there so I can start on the room we are currently in. to surf Trade Me
See ya

Friday, July 07, 2006

This'll scare does me!

Ok, now a photo from my early teens. this one I'm about 12.

And couldn't resist showing this one...a bad perm when I was about 15....aaaarrrrgggghhhh. Does it show how balanced, together and well rounded I am, to be able to show people this and put it on the net????? Or just daft???
My theory is, I've got to laugh about it....or I'd cry.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MichelleTW's challenge

Well I couldn't find a baby photo of me so I've put up these 2 to start with (as per the challenge on MichelleTW's blog - I don't know how to do a link). One I am about 4 ish and the other 5 or 6. Man, as I grew up, I hated those freckles. No colour photos which is a shame. I think my hair was pretty bright red.

I 'm still dancing for joy (on the inside now) coz I won the draw for the SO challenge and have won a pack of Kim Hodges products. And I bought some Arctic Frog off trade me too so I'll have new stuff to play with soon. Maybe I could start scrapping some of those photos of me. Only have a few and not sure if I'm ready yet.

Thanks for the comments from those who visit. I sure like hearing from you!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Challenging myself

Here is the layout I did of the SO challenge on Fri night. It had to be a winter theme, using pp that they sell. Doesn't BG Blitzen look so good with winter photos (I guess it's supposed to seeing as it's a northern hemisphere Christmas paper) Anyway, I've said before, each layout I do at the moment, I'm challenging myself to try something new. This time it was beading. Doesn't it look great. Even the boy's think it looks cool. pretty time consuming but I enjoyed it. Hey the alternative was cleaning those window frames!

On the window frames, I've now done 6 out of 12. Getting there. Had a successful first day of the hols yesterday. 2 x DS's at home (13 and 16). Every hols I usually give them a (small) list of jobs to get done...and every hols it gets done (badly) in a rush, on the Sunday before school goes back. So, I tried a new tack. Told them last week, 1st Monday was "work for Mum day" and then they had the hols to themselves. Made them hotcakes, n buns n endless cups of tea and coffee all day and they got some jobs done. Now we don't have to worry too much for the rest of the hols. Except 16yr olds room.....which is a total bombsite......never mind

Had great fun last night teaching my friend to scrap. Another one in the ranks I'd say. Thanks Raewyn if you read this. Can't wait to next week.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is me...

Well last night I joined in on the Scrapbook Outlet CyberCrop. What bedlam. Loads of ladies chatting online at once and challenges to do. I could hardly drag myself from the screen to do any scrapping. Too scared I might miss something lol.

I completed an 8x8 layout challenge of ME. I'm trying to add some feminine touches to my layouts so I used lace and beads....see how the embellishment matches my earrings...see....clever eh!!!!
Will do the winter challenge by tomorrow night. I don't have many winter photos, but have a lovely one of the boys together in the snow at the Antartic Centre years ago, so I'll use that.

I have another training and assessment for something I am doing tomorrow afternoon so better find time to do the reading for that too.

I have a friend coming round to learn to scrapbook fior the next 4 Monday nights so that will be good fun. I love 'converting' people.