Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well...I've been given the go ahead to release this news on my blog.....


Of course, you all say..."you look far too young and how can this be...." LOL

This lovely couple....

..have been together nearly 2 years and (having worked through all the issues that go with these things) are really excited about this. Abby is currently 12 weeks pregnant and baby is due around Oct 11th. If you don't know, my oldest DS is the the bloke with the 'hair'. Had to laugh. When I told my Mum, her first comment was "Izzy will have to get his hair cut or the baby might get a fright when it is born".
For me, it is nice to have something so exciting to look forward to. It's been a pretty bleak past 3 years.

DH is still in shock but is coming round. I'm in 'extremely excited and how can I be as supportive as possible without being an interfering nana mode'!!

Yay...more things to scrap :-)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 Quirky things about me...

OK, so Mel has tagged me to tell 5 quirky things about myself. As I usually forget to do these sorts of tags (sorry!!) and as I'm home from work today...I'll sit and do it right now.

1: I have followed Coronation St in England on the internet for 4 years and yet I can't stand to sit and watch the show on tele here.
2: I love Zebra print things
3: I park in the same place in the supermarket car park everytime I visit (and will drive around a few times if I need to until someone leaves)
4: I have 4 children and have never, ever even had 1 contraction (he, he)
5: I always wear earrings and I buy a new pair everytime I get my hair cut

I struggled to come up with those...maybe I am just the same as everybody else!!
I tag anyone from the Eastern Bay of Plenty...Dianna, Delys, Andrea or even Tash!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2007


.....I'm still here. Haven't blogged for a while. Life gets pretty busy with a fulltime job, 5 teenagers and 2 labradors!
We have been away for the past 2 weekends to family in Wellington - a family reunion on my Dad's side, and one in Auckland - a cousins wedding on my Mum's side. Caught up briefly with Karen (Girlfriday) at the cousins wedding cos we share the same cousin lol. I must say I am so enjoying being home this weekend!! As well as a fulltime job I have some other work I do too so it gets pretty busy round here.
On the scrapping front I've been making lots of cards lately. Still enjoying the 'girls' coming round on Thursdy nights and I get the odd page done. We all watched 'How to make an American Quilt' this Thursday for a change. Good girlfriends time.
Now all my March events are over I need to start thinking about getting organised for CC07. I'm going to the Auck one, but not the crop. My brother lives in Greenlane and I'm staying with him and walking to and from the hotel. If you're going I'd love to catch up with you. Also a few friends and I are going to SENZ in Auck in May. Haven't booked any classes yet but I'm hoping to do a couple.
OK, I'm off to make a latte and take the dogs for a wee walk. I can handle both of them for about 10mins but I think I must look pretty funny LOL. Must get DH to take a photo. It would make a great page.

Oh, and something very exciting is happening around here. I can't say anything yet but I might be able to soon. Watch this space...I'm sooo excited (...jumping up and down and squealing with delight)

Thanks for visiting


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things I am learning at the moment....

- 8 kgs is easier to put on than lose!!
- 2nd puppies are easier than 1st puppies
- Hair do's don't matter to us but they do to the school
(Toby came back from Twizel with his hair dyed club colours - burgundy/red with a gold/yellow stripe through it. He got sent
home from school till it was a "normal' colour again lol)
- when I'm on a scrapping roll I really love it.
- working fulltime drains my energy so I can only do 'so much'!!

Edited to add:
- If I only use the bloglines feeds to view the blogs...I don't have the opportunity to comment..sorry friends, I've been a slack commenter. I pledge to improve lol.