Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greetings...

OK...I've been a slack blogger. My excuse... I just haven't felt like it and I do find this time of year I just need to focus on getting through it all.A quick update on life around here..
- Toby has now officially finished school with a second in Business studies and a 'Blue' for rowing. Very proud of him :-)
- Elliot has just bought his first car (aaarrgh!) and they are currently picking it up from Hamilton with a car trailer. It's going to
be a 'project car' I think.
- Taylor is now 3 months old and probably going to be spoilt rotten for Christmas. Izzy and Abby are doing a wonderful job as
- DH has resigned and starts a new job on Jan 8th. Hospitality is all about change and challenges I've decided!!
- I had a birthday and DH bought me a Zutter "Bind-it-all" I will have time after Christmas to play with it and I can't wait.

So, what's happening for Christmas round here???

We are going to have a quiet day really. My mum will stay tonight and have the day with us. My brother/sister in law and my nephew and niece are in Auckland and spending Christmas with my sister in law's family up there. DH's family are in Christchurch and Hobart so we are all a scattered bunch. Abby, Izzy and Taylor will only be with us for an hour or so as they have lots of family on Abby's side to visit.
Menu: We have a very non traditional Christmas meal
We will start with homemade breads and dips/dukka/pesto/aoli etc. Then for main we have freshly hot smoked salmon, bbq scallops/prawns, mussels and this year we have a crayfish as well. All with a simple salad and new potatoes. Then for pudding (or dinner really) we have brandy snaps and boysenberry trifle, fruit platters with marshmallows and chocolate fish and ambrosia. Finally we have mince pies, lolly cake and truffles. It's sort of a mix of everyones favorite food and a hang up from our days when we owned a catering business and got absolutely sick of ham, turkey, pavlova, gateau etc.

DH and DS are both working boxing day. I have between xmas and New year off and go back to work on the 3rd Jan. We plan on doing some house sorting and maybe a few picnics and I will get some scrapping done too. I only just found the top of my scrap table last night.

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and wishing you a Happy Christmastime and may 2008 bring good things for you. Please cherish the time you have with those around you.

Many hugs and good wishes to you all.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Life of a rowing Mum...

Here I am at 10 to 6 on a Monday morning...taken the boys to training and sad is that. Usually I'm a slacker and don't do the weekday runs, but today is DH''s day off so it's a bit mean to expect someone to get up a 5.25 on their day off eh!!

We had a regatta at Blue Lake on Sat and DH and I walked around the lake at 9am in the morning. It was lovely.

I've been walking to work 3 or 4 times a week lately (it's about 3.5kms) and DH has been doing lots of fitness stuff on the rowing machine etc. I'm so proud of him. This year he has worked very hard and lost 20kgs. It's doubly hard for him coz he works with food. I'm trying to keep up with him but I don't think I could manage 20 kgs.

We spent 45 mins with the vet last Monday and he showed us all the xrays and explained everything. I used to be a physio so it all made sense to me. Poor Mocha. No wonder he is not a bouncy puppy. He basically has stuffed hips, knees and elbows. His shoulders are ok tho! We tried him on a week of anti inflammatories and he was a lot better and now we are doing no meds...just to see the difference.

It's very sad and he will need to be put down at some stage...when will be up to us I guess. Depends on how much pain we can bear seeing him in and if his hips start to dislocate. Once DS and his lovely little family move out we will send Mocha to stay with them every now and then to get Java used to him not being around so much. It's very sad :-{

It's Toby's last day of school EVER today. Quite a milestone!! He has made this awesome canvas for his English teacher. She will probably cry I think.

Anyway, best get ready for work. I have something big on at work at the moment that is not going well (it's beyond my influence now) so it is pretty stressfull.

Have a good week

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh Dear... from the 2nd vet consultation is not good. The lovely Mocha has not torn his cruciate ligament (a rare injury for an 11 month old apparantly).....he has pretty major hip, knee, elbow and shoulder problems. $500 worth of x-rays later (DH asked the vet if that price included framing lol) We now have an appt with the orthopaedic vet tomorrow morning :-{ We are guessing we are looking at long term treatment...maybe try homeopathics first and drugs later. Depends on the cost really. Yay...more decisions.

Toby has 5 days of schooling left...that's scary. He won't get enough credits to get into Uni because he has only done well in subjects that are not 'approved' but he doesn't seem worried. He is nearly all the way through a Camp America application so now he needs a job to earn the dosh to go. He is loving coaching the novi boys in rowing so I am thrilled at that. I always thought he would make a good coach.

I've just done the 2nd to last journal in our scrapgroups circle journal round. Can't wait to get mine back. They have certainly stretched me in terms of page size, most have been quite small!!

I wasn't going to post another photo of Taylor...didn't want to seem obsessed but....well...couldn't resist this one.
Abby took it on her phone. Who would have thought, when I had my babies, that I would be taking pictures of my grandchildren on a phone...amazing huh!!!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

The lovely Mocha...

...has ruptured his right cruciate ligament (in his knee) and needs surgery :-(

The good news doesn't seem to be hurting him.

The bad news is....ACC/Medical Insurance won't cover it lol.

We have to make a decision about what type of surgery to go for by Monday afternoon. The options are expensive or very expensive. DH is very cynical about why the vet might be recommending the very expensive one.

Watch this space...meanwhile he is on 'kennelrest' (aka bedrest) That's hard when you are an 11 month old puppy but he is coping remarkably well.

Here is a photo of Taylor learning about blogging.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Why can't we always....

....have 3 day weekends. I feel so rested and ready for the (4day) week lol.
Had a lovely Saturday...took boys to rowing, made fresh buns, spent the afternoon scrapping with Delys and Dianna and watched a bit of TV in the evening while DH was at work. Sunday was rowing again, back to bed for a big sleep in, went and bought a new printer, took Mum shopping and then out for a drive and coffee. Sun night we went to town for a bite to eat with Elliot and saw some amazing photography as part of the Tga Arts festival. Today we got up and did some cleaning then went for a big long walk and out to the new shops at Bethlehem for lunch. Quite a hike that could become a regular weekend thing I think. Back home for a bit of a read and a yummy dinner of BBQ Kangaroo meat and salads. Now I might do a bit more scrapping. Have also managed to fit in some purchasing from SBO ( MM flocking/foiling kits and some other bits and pieces) and lots of Taylor cuddles and the odd nappy change.

DH is doing another photography course this on B & W photography. Here's a cool one he took of the lovely Mocha.

Hope you have a good week.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jack Me Up #5....

...I decided it was time to do a "Jack me up" layout...especially coz this one was a Jack of my friend Delys Cram.
Here is my version of Delys' layout.... last...some girly pages from the srapping hands of Sandra LOL :-)


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Once again...

...a couple more photos of the lovely Taylor...awake this time.

Her full name is now officially Taylor Rose and she is a wee sweetie who yesterday seemed to want to feed hourly. I think Abby is exhausted!

On the scrapping front, I'm working on a circle journal I am in. Did a major scraproom tidy over the weekend and have got heaps of new product so I need to get into it. Boys are well into rowing now (2 early weekday mornings and 7am Sat and Sun) 1st regatta in a couple of weeks.
Finally a wee brag. Very proud of my Toby. His business group won "Best Production" in the Bay of Plenty and 2nd in "Best Overall Business" They were the group the teacher thought would be the slackers but they well and truely have worked damn hard and Toby was a major part in that.


PS: DH tells me he got his 'white balance' wrong so that's why the photos are a bit blue. He's practising :-}

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another photo....

....of the beautiful Taylor

....just because!!

Taylor is starting to get into a r***ine. I don't believe in saying the word ha ha. Abby is a wonderful mum who is besotted with her and I'm really proud of my big boy who is a devoted Dad. He was saying this morning that breastfeeding wasn't so good because it means he misses out on getting up in the night. He gets up if he wakes but I think he meant that coz he isn't feeding he doesn't always wake and he WANTS TO. Awwww!!

Have been a domestic goddess this morning and made fresh sticky buns for the boys after rowing. Off to take them out of the oven.



Monday, October 01, 2007


...we have a name...

Introducing TAYLOR

We don't have a middle name yet!!

Taylor came home with her mummy and daddy at 4pm on Sunday and is settling into family life.

These 2 are suddenly realising they are now further down the pecking order



Saturday, September 29, 2007


....don't you think she has 'scrapbooking' hands???



....drum roll please....
Introducing...well, she hasn't got a name quite yet.....daughter of Israel and Abby ...

Born on Saturday 29th September 2007 at 3.17pm after approxiamately 5 hours of 'proper' labour and only 7 pushes...

mother and baby (8lbs2oz) are both very well..Father is pretty proud too...

Nana is besotted already.

Will post tomorrow with more pics and (hopefully) a name :-}


PS: Am I biased or is she pretty beautiful for only 3.5 hours old???

Friday, September 28, 2007

Long time .... see.

It has sure been a while since I last posted. I've had a lovely week away at the beach by myself...just me and my scrapping tote lol. Enjoyed cropping with Delys, lunch with Andrea and The Itchy Nail scrap retreat where I met some great ladies. Where was Dianna...Oh, that's right...Tahiti (lucky thing).

Just been up to the usual but I have some impending, exciting news....
....3 words....


Will update in the next 12 to 24 hours when I have definite news to share but I'M SO EXCITED.

NANAHOOD, here I come.


Friday, August 24, 2007

What have I been doing????

Where have I been??? You may well ask. Haven't been anywhere, just scrapping, working, being a mum to teenage boys and all the other things life brings.
So here are some of my recent layouts

Other scrapping related things:
- went a bit crazy when the $$ was high and ordered from America. Love the Bisous PDQ packs I got. Unfortunately I made 2 CHA preorders (American Crafts and Queen & co) and they haven't come off the Visa yet. Notice how much the $$ has dropped!! OOOps. Never's only money lol. Can't wait till they come tho.
- bought a pack of BG Periphery. Luv, luv, luv it!!

Other non scrapping related news:
- Looking positive for Elliot to row this season. Fingers crossed
- Toby compered the school talent quest for both nights and did VERY WELL
- DH is really getting into his photography and is learning lots at his classes
- only 3 weeks till I have a week off work and a holiday on my own!! Hope the motel I'm staying at has room for my scrapping stuff.
- only 7 weeks till baby is due...very excited nana here :-)


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Learnings since moving into my scraproom....

- I can probably live without ever seeing TV again
- It is good to clean up at the end of a session...only takes 10mins
- I need a small fold out type table that i can set up as a return to give me just a wee bit more space
- I can fit a big table in there with 2 friends scrapping on it as well as me at my desk (...any takers??)
- me, 2 labradors and the gas heater in there makes for a very productive and cosy evening
- it might be crowded if I have the labradors and friends in there at the same time lol!!!

Lookig forward to be able to do the cybercrop (at SBO) on the laptop and scrap in there at the same time tonight.
Hopefully will have pics of layouts to share soon

Ciao :-}

Monday, July 30, 2007

Oh My GOSH.....I'm so excited....

...a lot has been happening around here. I've decided the only constant I can rely on in my change. Last week Tracey moved home to live with her parents again, which is really cool for her and them. She is keeping in touch with us so far so although we miss her (especially Toby) we are coping. Nikki's mother lasted 2 weeks in Perth and got homesick so she has come back, so Nikki has moved back in with her.

Upshot of all this is I NOW HAVE MY SCRAPROOM BACK. And it is all decorated and set up and I LUV, LUV, LUV IT!!!

Can you tell I'm excited....I've already done 3 layouts in it!!

Here is some pics.....

I'm not sure if my family will ever see me again. Now the challenge is to keep it tidy....yeah right.



Edited to add: Oh have you noticed an orange theme happening here???
Edited to add again: Oooops, pics are a bit out of focus. Getting used to my new little Canon PowerShot A550 :-}

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Catching up with old friends.... such a good thing to do. Last night I had a friend from my 'uni' days over for dinner. She was my bridesmaid (24 years ago) and we have maybe 'seen' each other 4 or 5 times since then. It was really great to just chat about kids, life and all those other things. Thanks Vanessa for putting 'my house' on your itinerary.

Yesterday we closed a chapter in our lives...we had sold our caravan and it went away yesterday. I was really attached to it, I guess partly because we had had a really cool 3 weeks at Ohope in it not long before Olly died and it had been (at Ohope) a very 'healing' place in the few years following. But it had to go and we have plans to do something different (maybe a motorhome) in the longer term future. Gosh, I wonder how I will feel when we eventually sell our house and move....we have been here 21 years.

Starting to get used to having 'that man' (aka DH) around a bit more. Working only 8-9 hour shifts at a time he feels like he is permanently on holiday at the moment lol.

Thanks for dropping by :-}

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Grabbing a few.....

...moments to blog while I'm cooking tea for the crew. Update on whats going on in my life:
- scrapcamp last weekend was a blast. I got my scrapping mojo once I got there and power scrapped through 3 layouts on the 1st night (including the challenge) Classes on Saturday were both brilliant. I was a bit dodgy about the modpodge/serviette thing but it looks so cool and is so easy it will definitely be used again. The Creative Planner we made with SJ was awesome and just what I have been wanting. I looved the colours too.
Retro night was fun with some GORGEOUS outfits.
This is me!!!

It looks quite hideous really but it was such fun to wear. Bring back groovy clothes I say.
I got a few more layouts done Sat and Sun and was sad to have to pack up at the end. I really enjoyed the time at my table with my best scrapping buddies Raewyn and Julie, with Sheryl and her sister Raewyn and neice Tracey, and Stella and Elaine. Chatted with quite a few others round the room too...Donna, Trina (nice to meet you in person), the lovely Aussie Chris Miller, Andrea (from SBO), Ilka, Kelly, Michelle TW, Lynda, Kate and Barb and Kates lovely friend Rachel who gave me a cool little felt needle folder, Denise, Sheryl and Carol from Bookem and all the other Bookem ladies and lots of other people (please don't be offended if I haven't named you). It was a special treat also to see Vicky and the beautiful little Arlo on Sunday and to be allowed a cuddle (he's only 2 weeks old!!)

A HUGE THANK YOU to Yolande and Lianne for organising such an awesome event.

I so love this hobby. Not only do I get to shop for and create lovely stuff but I also have this huge network of wonderful friends and aquaintances from all over NZ who I would otherwise never have met.

Otherwise things are just as normal here. DH has started his new job so is home more. The boys are saying "who is that man who keeps hanging around here now?" LOL
Better go and sort some veges out.

Edited to add: A 'quick plug' for Nic Howard's book "That's Life" released on July 4th. She's our own famous Kiwi scrapper and now she has her own book filled with her own unique (Kiwi) style. Go and buy one....NOW!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007


...I was going to try and be a better blogger.
So whats happening here...lots and lots....
- Scraproom has had to go on hold...we have had another teenage girl move in. Nikki is 17 and is Abby's sister. Her mum has just moved to Perth and things haven't been too good with her dad so she is going to live with us. As I tell my boys...people are more important than things (like having a scrap room). I have instead comandeered an end of the upstairs lounge so I have been sorting thru stuff today in preparation for scrapcamp next week.
- Total is now 2 adults, 6 teenagers, one 'baby in tummy", 2 labradors and the house is now FULL. Not even any room in the stable lol.
- Toby and Tracey had their school ball last weekend. Toby got Best Dressed Male. Here is a pic of them together. Don't they look sensational!!! All in all a good week for Toby...he also got Best CEO and Best Company at a school business studies 3 day event. He has quite an entrepreneurial (?sp) streak.>

- Went to Whakatane to farewell Tash on Friday. She is moving to Kerikeri. All the best Tash. Hope to keep in (cyber) touch. Caught up with scrapping friends too. Thanks for the hospitality :-}
- Hubby now has only 10 more meals to go till he finishes work and he is on a countdown. He has 400 in this week so it will be a busy one. Lara, in answer to your question, he has been the Hospitality manager (read 'do everything in the kitchen') at Totara Springs Christian Camp for the last 2 years. He's worn out!!!
- Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary...24 years. We've been through some terrific times and some terrible ones too,but I'm looking forward to many many more years together. Love you Steve xx
Here is us:

Wish I had this week off to get organised a bit more but I guess it will all happen eventually. Just have to remember to stop and smell the roses occasionally and besides...being organised and in control of your life is overrated I think....


Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday sunday....da da, da da da da...

Does anyone know the song that's in my head? Maybe it goes Monday, Monday...I don't know. Anyway, I've woken up this morning to rain, and I didn't do any washing yesterday and it was fine!! I hate it when that happens. DH has today and tomorrow off and I was going to suggest a day out but seeing as it is raining we might just do some more painting (nearly finished the scrap room) and hang at home. E has had 2 friends to stay all weekend so far and T has to do more work on sorting his room out. Tr is working all day. Life with teens. I and A get a whole houseload of stuff today for when they move into a flat and I have NO IDEA where we are going to put it all in the meantime. Lucky we have a big house but still. It's great for them (well, sort of, Ab's mum is moving to Perth :-( ) coz it means when they have a flat they have lots of stuff incl washing machine and dryer, lounge and dining room suite and other bits and pieces. Might be a bit squashed here in the meantime lol.

Yesterday I decorated my SCRAP letters to go on my noticeboard in the 'newly decorated' room and started altering some tins for pens etc. The main colour I'm using is burnt orange cos the room has an orange feature wall (the teens tell me feature walls are soooo last year!!!) Hopefully will have some pics soon when I've moved in and got it looking all spic and span....yeah right. Those who know me well will know I don't do spic and span!!!

Big news for us is that DH has resigned from his job and finishes the end of June. He is tired of working 70 or 80 hour weeks (not paid overtime I might add) and has got a job here in Tauranga as a manager at a local pub. Ironic really for those who know where he is working at the moment lol. He loves the work he is doing but just can't sustain those hours long term. OMGosh. That means he will be home more. Hope he enjoys scrapping!!!

Off for another cuppatea and better let the chocolate log (ooops dog) that's scratching at the door in.


(Oh and answer to your question from a few posts ago....I had 1 emergency and 3 elective caesarians. My anatomy means I only have between a 5 - 15% chance of being able to birth a baby naturally and we were never willing to take that risk. We thank God for modern technology or neither myself nor any of my children would have made it. )

Monday, June 04, 2007

Yay...some scrapping

Have been scrapping and card making this weekend.
Here's one for the QB challenge on SBO. Haven't put it in the gallery yet coz it's too big. I need to get another photo on a lower setting. We had to use a sketch (thanks Trina for that) and a product that Andrea (Thanks Andrea too) sent. I got the cool Journalling cards from Jenny Bowlin.

Here's a layout I did a week or so ago at our Thurs night group.

And here's one I did on Sunday too. Very simple but I love it. You cant see the white pawprints accross the page very well.

Have a good week. I'm trying to be a bettablogger!!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Feeling blah...

I'm holed up in bed (on a Friday morning....not at work) with a sore throat and splitting headache. I'm trying to avoid it turning into a full blown fluey thing, or even a cold. I've commandeered DH's laptop so I can play while I'm here. I slept all day yesterday. I have scrappy plans for the weekend so I had better be feeling better lol.

I went to SENZ last weekend with my friend Raewyn who I introduced to scrapping about 6 months ago. We shopped till we dropped. I was cool to see Dianna and Jaks from Whakatane and Janine from Wgtn and Ann from Auck. Metup with our friend Julie from Tauranga too and between the 3 of us we bought lots. I stocked up on crate paper - zoom, baby bee and brunch papers, scalloped Bazzill,Scenic Route more chipboard (how much chipboard is too much), and a few other bits and pieces. I lso bought some cute wooden letters in Ravie font, to go on a noticeboard to go into my (nearly finished) scraproom. Might start on decorating them this weekend. I got SCRAP and he nearly couldn't find an S for me lol!!!
Buy of the week for me tho has been from Lime Tart. I have been thinking of buying some of the Cosmo Cricket Halfway Cafe range for ages and was disappointed I didn't see any at SENZ. Go onto the LT site yesterday and Phillipa has a colection kit of it at 40% off. That is about $21Austrailian. Oooops, had to hit the buy button on that one.

Right...note to self: Have to start using stuff now!!!!

Here's the photo of my lovely Labradors that blogger wouldn't let me post the other day. It is from February so Mocha is only small. Must get some more up to date ones of him!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Holey Moley it THAT long since I last blogged!!! I guess you are sick of me saying I am busy....but that's the truth. Here's what's going down....
- Oldest son and DH have finished decorating the new bed room and Izzy and his girlfriend have moved inside (looking after this baby you understand!!) They are hoping to find a little flat together closer to the time the baby is due.
- I emptied my scraproom and the gibstopping is nearly finished in there...DH is painting next week.
- Toby has been selected to trial for a NZ under 21 crew in pressure son lol!!!
- scrapping mojo has disappeared and hoping it comes back soon
- am doing 1 class at SENZ next weekend and (hopefully) lots of shopping.
- Mocha and Java are still bestest friends and Mocha must be the most well behaved 5 mnth old puppy in the world

Was hoping to put a lovely pic of Mocha and Java here but blogger won't let me.....sorry

imagine....cute small chocolate labrador.....and cute large golden labrador....

Am off to a crop with Delys tomorrow so I'll hopefully have some scrappy pics to upload after that.


Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hellooooo...I'm still here...

Hi there
Busy life with work and house full of teenagers.
So what's happened for me recently...
- Toby made the North Island Under 18 crew (cox) and rowed all the first week of the holidays at Karapiro...NI beating the SI once again. Great achievement for him and wonderful experience. They got to watch the trials for the NZ Juniors...hard out stuff. Here's a pic of him in action!

And this is what happens to coxswains when they win....

- Full on at work. Still lots to learn and lots of variety. Great bunch of people I work with which is good!

- Last weekend I went to CC07. A year ago I was heard to say I didn't really like freestyle and I must admit (although people are surprised) it is waaayy out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless I did 6 classes and really enjoyed it. Had a ball on Sat night staying at the hotel with Lianne and Yolande and scrapping all night with Y, L, Delys, Michelle, Sheryl and Eileen. I'm surprised security didn't come up and ask us to quieten down. It was fun...Thanks guys. The tutors were all very inspiring and I think I could get hooked on felting if I wasn't careful lol.

Came home from work on Friday at lunchtime feeling crook so I had a quiet day yesterday. DH has the day off today so we have things to do. My wonderful oldest DS has been gibstopping a room in our house and now we have to buy paint. DH has 5 days off in a row this week and is going to paint it.

Time for a cuppa tea now methinks and get into the day. Hope you have a good Sunday.


Monday, April 09, 2007


...halfway through writing the workshop (mentioned below) I decide to check a file box in the office marked "Oliver"...just in case I have miss filed a hardcopy of said workshop. In the filebox, there is NOTHING about Oliver and lots of otherstuff...


Yay, yay.

Quick read through...a bit of photocopying at 8am whan I get to work.... lots of winging it..... and generous allowances from my workmates that I 'deserve to NOT spend all of Easter Monday doing work related activities'
....and I can now do 'play' things for the rest of my day.


Don't you hate that!!!!

I have had a busy Easter...House stuff Fri, Cropping with friends 10-10 Sat (Thanks Delys I had a ball), time with Mum and taking T to rowing trials Sun. Today I have other things planned too.
But before I do that I think

"I need to print off the workshop I am taking at work (at 8.30am) tomorrow so I can read through the notes later"

I presented this particular workshop at a conference a few years ago and I save all the wokshops I write so I know I will have it.


Aaaaarrrggghh. I'm going to have to write a workshop today, and that wasn't on my list of things I wanted to do. And the other things sound much more fun.

I contemplate 'winging it', but for 2 hours I probably need a bit more prep than that.

Better get onto it then......

See ya

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well...I've been given the go ahead to release this news on my blog.....


Of course, you all say..."you look far too young and how can this be...." LOL

This lovely couple....

..have been together nearly 2 years and (having worked through all the issues that go with these things) are really excited about this. Abby is currently 12 weeks pregnant and baby is due around Oct 11th. If you don't know, my oldest DS is the the bloke with the 'hair'. Had to laugh. When I told my Mum, her first comment was "Izzy will have to get his hair cut or the baby might get a fright when it is born".
For me, it is nice to have something so exciting to look forward to. It's been a pretty bleak past 3 years.

DH is still in shock but is coming round. I'm in 'extremely excited and how can I be as supportive as possible without being an interfering nana mode'!!

Yay...more things to scrap :-)


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

5 Quirky things about me...

OK, so Mel has tagged me to tell 5 quirky things about myself. As I usually forget to do these sorts of tags (sorry!!) and as I'm home from work today...I'll sit and do it right now.

1: I have followed Coronation St in England on the internet for 4 years and yet I can't stand to sit and watch the show on tele here.
2: I love Zebra print things
3: I park in the same place in the supermarket car park everytime I visit (and will drive around a few times if I need to until someone leaves)
4: I have 4 children and have never, ever even had 1 contraction (he, he)
5: I always wear earrings and I buy a new pair everytime I get my hair cut

I struggled to come up with those...maybe I am just the same as everybody else!!
I tag anyone from the Eastern Bay of Plenty...Dianna, Delys, Andrea or even Tash!!!


Sunday, March 25, 2007


.....I'm still here. Haven't blogged for a while. Life gets pretty busy with a fulltime job, 5 teenagers and 2 labradors!
We have been away for the past 2 weekends to family in Wellington - a family reunion on my Dad's side, and one in Auckland - a cousins wedding on my Mum's side. Caught up briefly with Karen (Girlfriday) at the cousins wedding cos we share the same cousin lol. I must say I am so enjoying being home this weekend!! As well as a fulltime job I have some other work I do too so it gets pretty busy round here.
On the scrapping front I've been making lots of cards lately. Still enjoying the 'girls' coming round on Thursdy nights and I get the odd page done. We all watched 'How to make an American Quilt' this Thursday for a change. Good girlfriends time.
Now all my March events are over I need to start thinking about getting organised for CC07. I'm going to the Auck one, but not the crop. My brother lives in Greenlane and I'm staying with him and walking to and from the hotel. If you're going I'd love to catch up with you. Also a few friends and I are going to SENZ in Auck in May. Haven't booked any classes yet but I'm hoping to do a couple.
OK, I'm off to make a latte and take the dogs for a wee walk. I can handle both of them for about 10mins but I think I must look pretty funny LOL. Must get DH to take a photo. It would make a great page.

Oh, and something very exciting is happening around here. I can't say anything yet but I might be able to soon. Watch this space...I'm sooo excited (...jumping up and down and squealing with delight)

Thanks for visiting


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Things I am learning at the moment....

- 8 kgs is easier to put on than lose!!
- 2nd puppies are easier than 1st puppies
- Hair do's don't matter to us but they do to the school
(Toby came back from Twizel with his hair dyed club colours - burgundy/red with a gold/yellow stripe through it. He got sent
home from school till it was a "normal' colour again lol)
- when I'm on a scrapping roll I really love it.
- working fulltime drains my energy so I can only do 'so much'!!

Edited to add:
- If I only use the bloglines feeds to view the blogs...I don't have the opportunity to comment..sorry friends, I've been a slack commenter. I pledge to improve lol.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

But wait...

....there's more.

:-) :-) :-)

Scrapping up a storm...

...lately. Participated (but didn't say much) in the cyber crop at SBO on Friday night. Was cool to observe the chat with THE Elsie Flanagan. Have completed 2 of the challenges over the weekend. Other scrapping has been over the past 2 or 3 weeks. Just enjoying puddling away with my Lime Tart kits.
On the family front things are quiet around here this weekend. Toby is still in Twizel and he made a final so that's pretty good. He's back on Monday. Elliot is at a youth group camp in Taupo and Tracey had a vollyball tournament in Rotorua yesterday. DH is working. I have enjoyed a quiet weekend!!
Mocha is a happy settled wee puppy who seems to sleep all day and want to play all night lol. At least he has Java to keep him company for the nighttime games!!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bad blogger...

....OK. Sorry, I've been a slack blogger. Just haven't got there really. We have a new computer, an apple, so I'm getting used to new technology. Is that a good enough excuse?? And Mocha is such a distraction too......and DH is home for the second weekend in a row...unheard of. Also it was the 3rd aniversary of Olly's death on the 1st of Feb and I guess getting through that is a milestone too. Just can't do everything eh!!

Anyway, Mocha is settled in well and he and Java are firm friends and partners in crime. Can't upload pics on here yet as DH hasn't transferred them over. No 2 DS has just gone to Twizel for 10 days for Club Nationals so hope he does well ('s a lot of $$$ for 1 race!!!) Otherwise life is just trucking along. Went to Bookem last week and scrapped on Friday night with Delys, Michelle TW, Yolande and Eileen (and others) That was fun and got 2 pages done. All the new submission dates are up on SBO so I must get my A into G and start towrds one of my goals for this year.

Will blog again and upload some photos once Mr Technowhizz (aka DH) does his thing with the photos :-)


Saturday, February 03, 2007



Now ain't he the cutest thing you have seen for a while.