Friday, October 27, 2006

Exhausted.... how I'm feeling right now. Sitting in front of the puter with a large espresso, chocolate and chippies (I know...I know...all bad) and feeling totally shattered after my first whole week back at work. And it wasn't even a whole week....only 4 days. Am getting the hang of it, new jobs are exhausting eh Michelle! Working out where to find the stationary and who's nose not to get up. Ha, ha. My job is with the DHB (Disability sector) so there is endless form filling out and beauracratic nonsense. Yay, yay. Can't even have tomorrow off coz I have a cultural training with another organisation I am involved with. Hope I don't fall asleep.

Thanks for those who commented on my blog about their thoughts on scrapkits. I think I might be frivolous and shout myself Lime Tart (just to be different) for 6 months. Anything too girly, that I think I definitely won't use, I will sell or give away (preferred option)

JANINE, your name was pulled out (of a noodle bowl) to recieve a wee rak so I will e-mail you. I have your addy somewhere.

Cheers all and have a good weekend

Monday, October 23, 2006

No scrapping done...

I can't believe it. Weather sucks and I have nothing else to do, plenty of supplies and photos....but I've done NO SCRAPPING all weekend. Nevermind, my scraproom is at least a little tidy now. Here is a page i finished on Thurs nite when I have scraptime with a couple of friends. It's a boy page with lace, flourishes and bling on. (sorry the pic isn't as good as it could have been) Must be suitable for a challenge somewhere LOL.

Thanks to those who have commented so far on the whole scrapkit thing. Please continue to leave your thoughts/musings/discoverings on the benefits/drawbacks of subscribing to a kit and on Wed I will draw a name out for a rak. I'm really in 2 minds (which isn't bad for me...usually i'm in about 6 minds ha ha) about it all. Keeps those comments coming.

Ciao for now

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Where has my mojo gone....

I planned on scrapping all weekend and it's Sunday afternoon and I have done NONE!!! I have tidied my scraproom (better than I have done before), had a friend round for a scrap lesson, and made 30 cards for my mum (all the same and need to do 30 more) I've thought about trying the challenges on SO but just haven't been able to go there. Oh well. I did finish a layout on thursday so I guess that counts. Will post later in the week.

Instead...I am going to use my blog for a poll (sort of). Now I am back working, once I'm back on a reasonable financial keel, I am thinking of shouting myself a subscription to a kit of some sort. I know many of you get Tarisota or Lime Tart, SO are putting together their own and I know someone who got one from Scrapmuse in the States for a while. My questions are...what is worth it, which do you get and/or prefer, do you end up with piles of stuff you never use, what do you do if you hate it, does the surprise thing work for you?? etc, etc. I like getting stuff I haven't picked because it sometimes challenges me out of my comfort zone (of blue and green and chipboard lol) But I only have sons and don't have much call for heaps of girly stuff. I know, I know....I am a girl, and maybe this is an opportunity for me to stretch myself.

Please post your (very honest) thoughts in my comments and after Wednesday night I will draw a name and send a wee rak of goodies to the person. Sort of an encouragement to post and a thank you for sharing your wisdom.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomorrow is D-Day...

Although what D might stand for I have no idea. Maybe it's Dumb idea day (as in...what a dumb idea to go back to work fulltime) or maybe it's Dollar day as I finally might have a few spare (in a few months once I eventually get paid and we've caught up on all the bills lol) Whatever it means, I am back at work fulltime from tomorrow.

Anyway, because you all asked here is the hair (just bright red streaks and a trim and layer) The base colour needs the roots doing now. I'm completely grey under all the colour I think!! And I need about 15 conditioning treatments.....all in good time!!

Please note the fab jewellry...I made it in my 1st creative beads class at night school last night. No, I'm not going to another side and deserting scrapping, but E won a nightclass at school so I decided to do beading for fun.

Thank you for all the comments about E's rowing. Unfortunately the kids all row for Tga rowing club for the 1st part of their season anyway (through the schools) but the good news is it looks like they have scraped up a 4 so they will have a crew. E came up with an awesome plan for himself if it didn't happen so that is plan B now I guess.
Penny thanks for the iron comments. They reminded me that it is a problem for me too and I need to keep an eye on it. Janine, I meant to say a few posts ago that the paper in the penguin layout was Junkitz, Laguna Guy!!!

So this past few days has been huge with more drama. Our oldest son has had $15 000 worth of engines and parts (he's an enthusiast) stolen from our garage (scumbags!!!) and currently we are caregivers (she's got the newly painted bedroom!!) for a lovely 16yr old girl who is having difficulties at home. Life is never dull. I think work should be a breeze after all this. As for the list, I got about half of it done so that's not too bad. The freezer has plenty of baking in, the cards are being made this weekend, painting finished, pantries done. How can scrap supplies be minimalist...what was I thinking.

Haven't done any scrapping but hanging out for Labout Weekend when I plan to do lots.

Ciao for now

Friday, October 13, 2006

Plodding through....

I feel like I am in 'plod' mode at the moment. Need an injection of energy to get stuff done. Off my needs topcoat on walls and top coat on windows skirtings etc then it's finished. Then will need to dress it but...haven't got much to dress it with. Never mind. Hair looks cool (very red highlights!!!) and nails are still holding up. Pantries done so I'm getting there. Had Toby's yr 12 drama class performance assessments last night. What a talented buch of young people. Both meaningful and hilariously funny dramas.
Feeling very sad for Elliot at the moment. For the last 2 years he has been obsessed with rowing, coxing last year to learn as much as he can, training hard, eating well etc. Now, due to various reasons, it looks like there may be no boys rowing this season at the school. It's hard when your children face dissappointments like this. I think he's suffered enough pain in his short 14 years and I don't think he should have to have anymore (ridiculous 'protective mummy' belief here)

Got my contract to sign today (about time!!!) and our new broardband modem arrived on the same courier. Yay, that's our wee 'going back to fulltime work' treat for ourselves. Besides, it will stop the kids whinging at me about my internet time LOL

Have a good day. I'm off to try and achieve something!!


Monday, October 09, 2006

A dumb combination

Has anyone wondered about the dumb combination of things I put in my last post??? I wonder how many spotted it and can you do both of those?? No one probably, but after 2 days of painting (have done 2 undercoats on the ceiling and one on the walls so far...go me) I have decided I'm NOT going to have gorgeous looking nails. LOL. Unless of course, I go out afterwards and get acrylics and that would be scrapcamp $$ so there is no choice there huh!!!
Speaking of scrapcamp, am hoping to have enough $$ to register this week. Who's going? Last time I was a bit shy (me, shy??, that's a joke) to introduce myself to people on whose blogs I lurk. The change of venue means I won't get a weekend with my DH as well as scrapcamp (he works at Totara Springs) but hey, that's life.
The list is working. It's making me feel like I need to get on with things and get them done. That was the plan, although I do like your idea Andrea. I have an appt with a mate of Toby's tomorow to have my hair highlighted and cut. She is a hairdressing student so who knows what I'll come out looking like but's cheap. Will get DH to help with top coats on his day off on Wed and I will be well on the way to getting one thing done!!

Have just figured I start work for 2 days, then get 3 days off (labour weekend) then work 4 days then have another weekend. Now that was clever!!

Cheers. Have a good week.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Need to get moving...

I start fulltime work again (aaaarrgh) on Thursday 19th Oct. That way I have 2 days work then 2 days off to recover. I need to get more stuff sorted and more systems in place. I am confident the cleaning system is now entrenched so that's working. As I am so not a list person, I am going to make myself a bit accountable and list here all the things I WOULD LIKE to have done before going back to work. I don't believe in must's or should's:

Bedroom painted
Upstairs lounge sorted and tidy
window frames finished (remember those...I never finished all 12!!!)
Plenty of baking in the freezer (that's easy...I love baking)
Scraproom not just tidy but sorted down to a minimalist type way (coz I may have to pack it up
to paint it at any stage)
Thank you cards made Mum to send out
Clean out both pantry's (food and crockery)
Sort out freezer (big one)

Right, there it is in black and white. Also would like to have eyebrow's plucked and neat, nails looking gorgeous and no wrinkles (just kidding) Might try and get something done with my hair too. Need new clothes but will have to wait till I have some $$$. Blah, blah, blah...and so it goes.

Had a lovely few hours chatting to Dianna and Arwen yesterday when they called in for lunch. Java(the lovely labrodor) has never had a visitor of the small person type who has played with him so well.
Best go and see if E needs a lift to rowing. I swear my car could get there and back by itself after 3 or 4 years now.


Monday, October 02, 2006

When the going gets tough.....

....the tough get SCRAPBOOKING!!!!! Weather is yuck, I feel yuck, MIL still v unwell etc. So I scrapped all day. Here is the results (well I didn't do all 3 today but who cares)

This next one I've put in the No8 wired challenge Flowers on Boy layouts

Others speak for themselves really

In the good news department:

I got the job ( yay, yay income...) but it's not all final and official yet. Toby won Gold in the womens under 20 8's.