Friday, June 30, 2006

Another layout

Well I did manage to get 1 layout done, so far, this week. For the Scrapbook Outlet Weekly challenge. The challenge was for summer photos and I love these ones I took of Elliot playing on the skimboard at Ohope in February. Me playing with Steve's wondercamera!! Each layout I do at the mo I'm challenging myself to try something and this time it was stamping. Got a bit of an orange thing too at the mo. Planned on scrapping last night but felt a bit under the weather so blobbed in front of TV instead. Mildly mad at myself now.
However, do intend to try and get some done while participating in the Scrapbook Outlet cybercrop tonight. I've never done anything like this before so it should be fun. My kids think I've gone a little crazy. Won't hurt them to think that.

5 windows out of 12 done upstairs so far...What a mission.

Thanks for the comments...especially the ones about throwing stuff out. My biggest problem is DH being the hoarder...not me. I'll have to try really hard to get him to buy into it. I know you'll all suggest I chuck stuff out while he's not here but I'm not quite up to that yet.

Wellll....maybe I could.......maybe I should......

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well, this week I had 3 "at home" days planned to get some serious sorting done. So far I have tidied and cleaned (ready for a bit of painting) 1 bedroom. Oldest DS went flatting (again) last week and let's just say his concept of 'leaving a clean room' and mine are VERY DIFFERENT!!
Have tried a new way to revive old silver aluminium joinery - CRC, a cheap scotchbrite pad and lots of elbow grease. Not fun, hard work, but works a treat. Only got all of upstairs to do LOL. that's 4 bedrms, lounge bathroom and toilet. Done 3 rooms so far. Must do some more sorting today. Problem is...where do I put stuff once it's sorted. My DH is a chronic hoarder and we have a huge house.
For those who don't know, Flylady is a website for people who live in CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) Its a way to get your house under control (and get an awful lot of e-mails) Not doing the whole thing this time but toying with the idea of making up my own.
Would much rather be scrapping!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday and so much to do

It's monday...and Lorraine won the dancing last night...YAY!!! She was awesome. Anyway, I have so much I want to achieve in the next 2 days (cleaning, sorting etc) I can feel myself getting overwhelmed and not starting. Might try the flylady 15minute thing and see if that gets me started. I will be mad if I don't start coz there is so much to do I don't know where to start IYKWIM. Am promising myself a night scrapping tonight if I get a decent amount done.

Job in Sat nights paper I might enquire about/apply for. Going back to work is a terrible thought but then I might have some $$$ to spend on scrapping. That's tempting.

Must go and start sorting. Progress report later.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

A new leaf..

This morning I decided I was going to turn over a new leaf....yep, another one. Not sure if it's a new leaf it I'm talking about the cyberworld but you get my drift. I have got very lazy and into a bad habit of visiting forums and blogs but not logging in first. So I end up only lurking and never joining in (much). I think it is just laziness coz I'm not usually shy. I am quite a 'people' person and sometimes find it hard 'talking' to people I haven't met or who aren't in front of me. However, I have dicided to 'get over myself' and (in the words of that well known company) JUST DO IT. So expect comments from me (even just a hi!! sometimes) or you can challenge me if they aren't forthcoming (Oh no!! What have I just said!!) My name may appear on blogs it has never appeared on before. So, my aplogies if I've visited your blog and not commented...I'm determining to become a changed woman

On another note. I am starting to plan some scrapping around some things we say around our house. Not sure what form it will take yet, but took these piccies for a layout.
The quote (which is oftern heard said around here...even by the boys friends) "My mum has nice buns".
Tee hee

Ta raa

Saturday, June 10, 2006

More pages

Here are a few more pages I have completed recently.....I still haven't got the hang of taking good photos of the pages, they always look better IRL. Am really into scrapping BIG photos at the moment.


Well I haven't been blogging but I've been busy scrapping and altering (this is new for me) I was so motivated at scrap camp and I have been churning out some pages...some I started at camp and some I started at the beach last weekend.

I went to Gilmours with DH and bought takeout boxes (little ones) - 50 for about $8 - and have been playing with decorating them. I've never got into this before and it has been fun. Now I'll have to fill them with goodies and give them away. Haven't done many yet but I'll just keep playing.
I've settled into a bit of a routine now, with not working and all. Mon and Tues is 'do around the house' sort of days, sorting stuff and tidying/cleaning (there is heaps to get done, believe me), Wed is DH's day off so I spend it with him which I couldn't do before, and Thurs and Fri I do worky things (I have some private clients and am facilitating a parenting program till the end of next term) Then I will have to look for a real job again I guess. Unless we win lotto, fat chance, we never buy a ticket. I'm definitely enjoying being a SAHM again, baking and doing all sorts of stuff.
Will look up my class listf for CC06 this week and start to get stuff sorted for them. Must go out and see if the money tree I plantd is producing yet - ha ha ha