Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting through a week....

This week is turning into one of those up-and- down- energy weeks. The sort where I seem to have energy for 2 days then 'crash' for a day then an energy day again. This would be alright if I didn't have to work and I could just stay at home on the low-energy days. Why is it all the major work things seem to happen on the low-energy days?? I had minimum energy at work today but came home and completed DH's scrapcanvas for his birthday this weekend (I hope you don't look at this Steve!!!) He got a flash camera for Christmas so this is a 'token'. It's to put on the wall in his flat where he works (complicated) Since losing our son I really struggle with the 'whole-family photo' thing. Photos of us all together just don't look right (because they're not!!)I've put up to date ones of the other 3 boys and an old one of Olly but the gap is going to widen of course as time goes on. Its really wierd (and hard)

On another note, I'm breathing a heavy sigh of relief. No 2 DS got 97 credits for NCEA level 1 (ie: passed, just) so can now move into the 6th form. I'm thrilled for him really coz a few weeks out of the exams he really realised he hadn't worked hard enough and he did try but I was worried he left his run too late. My boys have been through so much the last 2 years and I know they struggle with it all. Yay, one more hurdle over. Now....when does school go back. Then the house might look like I left it in the morning when I get back from work in the afternoon.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Yesterdays scrapping

Well, I managed to do 1 page yesterday and here it is. Nothing flash, but I do find scrapping 17yr olds a challenge. Not as cute as they were at 2. I also organised a scrapcanvas for DH for his birthday this weekend but couldn't start it cos I didn't have the right colour paint. Note to Navy paint! Still haven't figured out bells and whistles yet but it will take time which I never have lots of. Have uploaded this tho so must be getting somewhere. Thanks for the welcome comments.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My first try

Well I've been lurking with this blog thing for a while so am trying to set myself up with one. I guess I'll have to spend some time playing around with everything to get it looking like everyone else's. What is it about wanting to look the same....maybe for this it's about looking like I'm vaguely competent and know what I'm doing lol.

I'm home alone today so hope to get this set up and running and do some scrapping. Oh and rest...that's what I'm home alone for. 2 of my boys are off rowing for the day and DH is at work all day. Maybe I might catch up with my oldest son who is flatting later. He could take me out for a coffee......yeah right.

Will find out how this all works and see if anyone ever reads it later