Sunday, November 26, 2006


Here are some pics of my creations recently.
This is a layout I did at scrapcamp, and I've put it in the SO Nov challenge coz it fits (b&w photo, black cardstock and 2 patt papers from SO) Paper is Junkitz Laguna guy and I'm loving those Heidi Swapp clear letters atm.

This is the layout I did at camp with the challenge pack. The papers looked very 'heritagy' so I used these photos from Elliots dedication. The gown in over 100 years old and unfortunately we don't have any photos of the detail in it. Suffice to say it is beautiful and I was scared all the way through all the childrens dedication services that they would poo or chuck on it lol. Very special times and memories. This last pic is of the christmas cards I have started to make. I LOVED the card set we made with Nic Howard at camp and have used her designs and Yolandes triangle Christmas trees (thanks guys!) and the papers from my Lime Tart 6x6 kit....soooo yummy. I would never have normally put pink on my Christmas cards. Will make more this week I'm so inspired.

Must go. Need to tidy the bombsite (aka scraproom).....again. And do some other stuff.


Monday, November 20, 2006

It's all on around here...

...well for me at least. I had a ball at scrapcamp. Told Raewyn on the way over that I wasn't so much worried about getting lots of layouts done but on chatting to people and mixing a bit more. I did just that and met heaps of new people from blogs I read etc. Hi all!!!! (waving furiously) I loved both classes and managed to do a couple of layouts too. It's been all go here since I came back....full on at work, had Mum over for tea and I have a course in Rotorua Tues and Wed. Better go and pack. I am staying with another scrapping friend and I am going to take my Lime Tart 6x6 kit to make a start on my Christmas cards (a la Nic Howards ones we did in the class - but they weren't Christmas ones iykwim) Will probably talk all night. LOL
Came home from work to see Janet had posted that she was giving away a load of scrapping stuff (thanks for the heads up Janine) so I raced around to her house and grabbed it all. Lots of goodies which I will share with my Thurs night girls.
Better go and pack again. See you later in the week with some pics hopefully.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I can't wait....

...only 1 more sleep (and 2 days of work) to go till scrapcamp. I am so not organised but I will end up throwing everything together and will just deal with what I have with me when I get there. I'm looking forward to spending the weekend with Raewyn, a friend who I have got hooked on scrapping (sorry Darren!!) It should be fun coz the class projects look awesome. Just have to remember to get some sleep or I won't cope with work next week (oh shame!!!)
DS and 'lovely teenage girl who is still living with us' finished school yesterday so now for exams. Toby really needs to do well to pick up enough credits to pass so we will see. DH is on tenterhooks waiting for some news too so it's all mildly stress city round here. Might be a good thing I'm dissappearing off to scrapcamp lol.

Woohoo, got my first lime tart kit yesterday. What awesome goodies, all beautifully coordinated. Can't wait to play with them at camp. best go and get showered and into the day.

Ta raaa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No scrapping pics....

...but piccies of jewellery instead. Made this necklace and earrings this week at my class. This could be dangerous. I'm enjoying this beading small doses.

On the scrapping front, I started a LO of Toby's ball photo's and had a 'accident' all over the floor and desk with my silver embossing powder. Consequently, I have just left the mess there and haven't got back to clean it up. Where is the 'clean up fairy' when you need her???
Slowly getting used to working all the time. Will be knackered after scrapcamp weekend. If you call in here and you are going to scrapcamp, please let me know so I can look out for you. I like meeting my 'imaginary friends' in person.

Caio for now

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Another week under my belt...

and I'm exhausted again...but I think I'll get used to it. Enjoying the work so far. And I got paid...Yay. Now to play catch up on the bills and maxxed out visa card.
Tracey, our extra teenager atm, is fitting in fine around here. Not sure if she'll be with us for long but am enjoying having another girl around. Good for my boys too I think. She is certainly no problem behaviourwise but I think she finds our household quite hilarious. We are pretty open about stuff and she often says she can't believe we talk about what we talk about.

Supporting mum the best I can atm too. I think at 6wks, dad's passing is starting to sink in, which is hard. My experience is that shock buffers us for quite sometime and as the reality slowly sinks in that is when the hard yards start. Unfortunately it's also about the time other people tend to leave you alone (thinking you are doing fine) and get on with their own lives. For me this happened about 6 months after Olly died. Just an observation if anyone is interested.

Planning to scrap this weekend. Got heaps of photos at Harvey Norman's last weekend (15c a print) so have sorted them and will choose papers and come up with ideas (hopefully) today. Going to do some more beading this weekend too. My Thursday night scrapping pals were funny on Thursday. I was only allowed to talk beading for a couple of minutes. They are scared I'm going to desert and go 'to another side'..No chance. LOL. They are funny.

Hopefully will post again before the end of the weekend with some layouts.