Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A blog award...

The lovely Sonya (who I would love to meet in person incidently) bestowed this blog award on me a while back. Thank you Sonya for your kind words. I don't feel very brave really.....just plodding on!!!

I'm off work sick today so taking the time to update my blog. We have just been through our 'rough time', Feb 1st being the anniversary of Olly's death. We spent some time together up at the cemetary, having a picnic and tidying up his plot. The lovely DGD had been to stay with us the night before which is always a treat. She is growing up so fast!! Why do they have to do that??

DS (16yrs) is back to school tomorrow for year 12...that's 6th form for us oldies. He's doing subjects like autoshop and working 1 day a week at a diesel mechanics which should make school a little easier for him. He would like to get an apprenticeship through Goughs and eventually work fixing the big caterpillar machinery but in the meantime he just continues to dismantle and play with his Mitsubishi in the garage lol.
I've been playing with my new slice machine but I cant upload any LO's coz DH has taken the connection lead on holiday with him for the week. Promise I will get them up as soon as he returns. In the meantime I'll leave you with a pic of our 'Olly honouring' picnic we had on sunday.

PS Who is the grumpy looking fat chick in the white t-shirt?? .....ha, ha. That would be me!!!!