Monday, December 24, 2007

Seasons Greetings...

OK...I've been a slack blogger. My excuse... I just haven't felt like it and I do find this time of year I just need to focus on getting through it all.A quick update on life around here..
- Toby has now officially finished school with a second in Business studies and a 'Blue' for rowing. Very proud of him :-)
- Elliot has just bought his first car (aaarrgh!) and they are currently picking it up from Hamilton with a car trailer. It's going to
be a 'project car' I think.
- Taylor is now 3 months old and probably going to be spoilt rotten for Christmas. Izzy and Abby are doing a wonderful job as
- DH has resigned and starts a new job on Jan 8th. Hospitality is all about change and challenges I've decided!!
- I had a birthday and DH bought me a Zutter "Bind-it-all" I will have time after Christmas to play with it and I can't wait.

So, what's happening for Christmas round here???

We are going to have a quiet day really. My mum will stay tonight and have the day with us. My brother/sister in law and my nephew and niece are in Auckland and spending Christmas with my sister in law's family up there. DH's family are in Christchurch and Hobart so we are all a scattered bunch. Abby, Izzy and Taylor will only be with us for an hour or so as they have lots of family on Abby's side to visit.
Menu: We have a very non traditional Christmas meal
We will start with homemade breads and dips/dukka/pesto/aoli etc. Then for main we have freshly hot smoked salmon, bbq scallops/prawns, mussels and this year we have a crayfish as well. All with a simple salad and new potatoes. Then for pudding (or dinner really) we have brandy snaps and boysenberry trifle, fruit platters with marshmallows and chocolate fish and ambrosia. Finally we have mince pies, lolly cake and truffles. It's sort of a mix of everyones favorite food and a hang up from our days when we owned a catering business and got absolutely sick of ham, turkey, pavlova, gateau etc.

DH and DS are both working boxing day. I have between xmas and New year off and go back to work on the 3rd Jan. We plan on doing some house sorting and maybe a few picnics and I will get some scrapping done too. I only just found the top of my scrap table last night.

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and wishing you a Happy Christmastime and may 2008 bring good things for you. Please cherish the time you have with those around you.

Many hugs and good wishes to you all.