Monday, November 12, 2007

Life of a rowing Mum...

Here I am at 10 to 6 on a Monday morning...taken the boys to training and sad is that. Usually I'm a slacker and don't do the weekday runs, but today is DH''s day off so it's a bit mean to expect someone to get up a 5.25 on their day off eh!!

We had a regatta at Blue Lake on Sat and DH and I walked around the lake at 9am in the morning. It was lovely.

I've been walking to work 3 or 4 times a week lately (it's about 3.5kms) and DH has been doing lots of fitness stuff on the rowing machine etc. I'm so proud of him. This year he has worked very hard and lost 20kgs. It's doubly hard for him coz he works with food. I'm trying to keep up with him but I don't think I could manage 20 kgs.

We spent 45 mins with the vet last Monday and he showed us all the xrays and explained everything. I used to be a physio so it all made sense to me. Poor Mocha. No wonder he is not a bouncy puppy. He basically has stuffed hips, knees and elbows. His shoulders are ok tho! We tried him on a week of anti inflammatories and he was a lot better and now we are doing no meds...just to see the difference.

It's very sad and he will need to be put down at some stage...when will be up to us I guess. Depends on how much pain we can bear seeing him in and if his hips start to dislocate. Once DS and his lovely little family move out we will send Mocha to stay with them every now and then to get Java used to him not being around so much. It's very sad :-{

It's Toby's last day of school EVER today. Quite a milestone!! He has made this awesome canvas for his English teacher. She will probably cry I think.

Anyway, best get ready for work. I have something big on at work at the moment that is not going well (it's beyond my influence now) so it is pretty stressfull.

Have a good week

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh Dear... from the 2nd vet consultation is not good. The lovely Mocha has not torn his cruciate ligament (a rare injury for an 11 month old apparantly).....he has pretty major hip, knee, elbow and shoulder problems. $500 worth of x-rays later (DH asked the vet if that price included framing lol) We now have an appt with the orthopaedic vet tomorrow morning :-{ We are guessing we are looking at long term treatment...maybe try homeopathics first and drugs later. Depends on the cost really. Yay...more decisions.

Toby has 5 days of schooling left...that's scary. He won't get enough credits to get into Uni because he has only done well in subjects that are not 'approved' but he doesn't seem worried. He is nearly all the way through a Camp America application so now he needs a job to earn the dosh to go. He is loving coaching the novi boys in rowing so I am thrilled at that. I always thought he would make a good coach.

I've just done the 2nd to last journal in our scrapgroups circle journal round. Can't wait to get mine back. They have certainly stretched me in terms of page size, most have been quite small!!

I wasn't going to post another photo of Taylor...didn't want to seem obsessed but....well...couldn't resist this one.
Abby took it on her phone. Who would have thought, when I had my babies, that I would be taking pictures of my grandchildren on a phone...amazing huh!!!