Saturday, August 26, 2006

Computer down...bugger this means I am now without my lifeline. I have gone to my parents to put this on ,but they don't really live close enough for me to pop around and check things (altho they are in Tauranga) Computer will have to go to the hospital on monday. Thank goodness we recently put all our photos on CD!!! Can get hubby to clear emails at work, but I'm missing the forums and blogs. If I'm quiet for a while...that is why.
Missing you all already.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blogging again....

Thought I'd share these 2 lovely photos of my 'best friend' and where he loves to be when I am on the computer. He insists I type and use the mouse with one hand...and pat him and tickle his ears with the other. His head sits comfortably between my legs and if I don't give him enough attention...he pushes me and the chair (on wheels) away from the computer until I do.


I love my kids...

Look at what my 13 (14 tomorrow) year old son made me for breakfast this morning...

....pancakes with berries and whipped cream. Elliot you are wonderful xxx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Creating again

SO had another cybercrop last night. I didn't get to talk much cos I kept falling out and my computer was playing up, but finished one challenge last night, a scraplift off the SO gallery. I lifted Kelly's 'When I was a little girl' layout (thanks Kelly) and gave it a 'boy flower' twist. Funnily Toby and Elliot both looked at it this morning and remarked on how it's different to my usual style. I'm impressed.

This next one was a challenge for today..had to use paint, sanding and fabric. OK, I haven't used lots of fabric, but I really like it. Gotta love Scenic Route.
Still full of a cold and can hardly swallow. Can only manage moro bars and cups of tea...shame!!!
Best go and put everything away now so no one knows all I've been doing is scrapping.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here's 1 finished project...

...from Wendy's Relax-Just Doodle it class. Thanks go to Wendy Redshaw-Bruhns for the design of this class and the cute little doodling journal, Cherry Arte for the gorgeous papers (...had just been to KS on the Friday afternoon and bought all these papers coz I loved them)and Wendy and Kiwiscraps for the acrylic doodle stamps. Might I say all my doodles on this layout are hand stamps here.

I've got a dunny rose..

..and it seems I bought back more than just incomplete class projects from Wellington. I have a cold which I am trying hard not to let become anything else. I'm grumpy and miserable. Tash, is this your fault??? I have finished my 'Favourite Photos" album now, nearly finished 'Perspectives' and hope to finish the 'Today You' one today. Oh buggar, it means I;'ll have to finish the journalling. Why do I always leave that till last. I am using my Donna Downey journal and have finished my 'Doodle' page. Considering I still have incomplete projects from SENZ 2005, that's pretty good going. I'm doing the online crop with Scrapbook Outlet tomorrow night so might get stuff done with that too. Yee Haa. Need to use up some of the supplies backlog before all the new CHA stuff starts arriving. Did my first pre order this morning (Junkitz Laguna..I still love Junkitz papers) so need to stop buying and start using!!!

I'm rambling. will post a pic of my doodle page that ok, to post class pics?? I mean they sort of are the tutors pages aren't not.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A creative time...

..was had by me at CC06. It was neat to meet all those I did meet, and next time I'll take a list and go out hunting for those I didn't meet. A big thanks to the Kiwiscraps team for making the weekend go so smoothly and for all their work behind the scenes. Took the cheap junky camera and not many photos turned out so I'm relying on one or two sending me some..(Ali, Dianna, Karen ???please) I stole this photo off Donna Downey's blog. I'm just to the right of the middle at the back (long hauir, glasses and orange necklace)

I was inspired by Ali Edwards and her "don't worry about it matching" approach to using patterned paper. That definitely suits me......I'm NOT a virgo!! I was enthused by Wendy's doodling class and feel 'empowered' to give it a go more often. It's only paper...right. I didn't like little books before I went and I definitely can see me using them now. All in all, a GOOD TIME. Am going to start saving for the next one...maybe need to save for the next scrapcamp 1st.
Back to the real world of ferrying boys around, making meals and living in a freezing cold house. Toby trialled and was selected to cox the BOP regional boy's and girl's 8's crews for the regionals in Ashburton in late September so it looks like the rowing season might be kicking in early for us this year.
I've had a few probs with blogger lately but will try and post a bit more often. Now off to finish some of those projects.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Big day for DS

Well, I think we've survived our first school ball. This week we've had to deal with a break-up with the girlfriend, choosing and hiring a costume (cheaper than a suit he figured), all the afterball drama, arranging cars (that fell thru on the day)etc, etc. All went great tho. He went as John Travolta and his partner (a longstanding mate) went looking like a princess. A whole group of them had a pre ball at someones house and all the parents came too. One of the girls dads had secretly hired them the largest limo I have ever seen and DS called in at midnight to change and said the band was amazing and they danced all night. Now, assuming he comes home allright from the mates he stayed at after the party afterwards, we've survived one. As he is only year 12 there will probably be another next, how could I get to go too????

Only 5 days and counting till CC06. Not organised yet but getting there. DH has this weekend off so I'm trying to not do scrapping stuff and spend time with him.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Yay...something finished

Well, I've made swap pins and they are finished. They look so cute all lined up in their container. Now to pluck up the courage to swap/give them away. If you read my blog and you're going to CC06 please find me and ask if you'd like one!!!

I'm slowly getting sorted with my photos/journalling/homework. I'm pretty much of the opinion that if I don't get it done I'll just do everything without it and do it later. I'll still be in the class, right?!!
My timetable is:
Fri 8.30 - Perspectives 11 - Imagine the Possibilities
Sat 1.30 Fav photos 3.45 - Relax-Just doodle it
Sun 11 - Stitch it, Bead it 1.30 - Today You

Am thinking of Kiwiscraps shopping on Fri afternoon and taking a train out to Petone to check out Scrapbook Central on Sat morning. Or I might add on one of Nic's classes if there is room. Need to decide on that soon, but I'm happy with what I'm doing.
If you are in any of those classes and read this, please say Hi. (I'm the shy one with the glasses)

Got the 'Dear John' letter about the job today...never mind, just means I can't spend wildly @ CC06 and can't buty new clothes. Will keep looking.