Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gosh my job is hard....

I think I am coming to the conclusion that my job is really hard. Well, some of the things I have to do are. Enough said, except I don't like having to be the big meanie at all.
Here is a page I did at the last R n S with Yolande a couple of weeks ago. I don't know how much scrapping I will get done in the next wee while coz I'm off on holiday in 1 week. DH, me and 2 DS's are off to Twizel (yes, Twizel) for the Maadi cup (rowing again!!) and then we are road tripping it for a week and a half doing the bottom of the Ssouth Island and the West coast. We have always had a dream to show the kids NZ and it's the only bit we haven't been to. Unfortunately big DS is working and really doesn't want to go away with ma and pa anymore. Even 16yr old is a bit toey but he will enjoy it once we get going. We've promised him we'll do the speights factory tour in Dunedin to keep him happy. Now, any hints on good scrapbooking shops anywhere??? Especially where I can send blokes off for testosterone filled activities like jet boating and I can just shop!!! We will spend some time with MIL in Chch too. Should be a good break, especially as hubby usually works 70 - 80 hour weeks. He needs a rest. And I'm really looking forward to spending some time with him.
Must go and hunt out my thermals and winter woolies.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Another early morning...

Playing on the computer at 6am is getting to be the norm for me at the moment. It's 6.07am on Friday (can I shange the day and time on the posts so it gets it right for NZ???) and I've dropped the boys at school....they're heading to Karapiro for NI Sec Schools Champs. 3 days worth of rowing so I know where I am Sat and Sun. Very important meeting at work today and I was woken at 3.11 by police sirens attending a domestic in the next street. I could tell it was a domestic coz when I opened the window I could hear it. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep after that. Aint that always the way. Haven't done any scrapping all week but whipped up a scrapcanvas for my sons girlfriends 18th birthday today. Now my scraproom is a tip and I need to tidy it...shouldn't do things in a hurry. And my big son has just moved home again. It's lovely to have him back but I have to learn not to ask him where he is going or been all the time coz he hates it and he has left home and moved back twice already and he's working and he's not a little boy anymore. LOL. How do mothers learn to let go??
Must go and shower and get on with the day.

Monday, March 06, 2006

More scrapping....

Well to not upset my boys, here is more of my favourite layouts. This time it is of Elliot, my 3rd youngest boy. I just loved the paper. Went to a crop with Yolande on Saturday and got a few more layouts done. Will upload photos another time. Very excited about scrapcamp and CC in August. Lots of scrapping!!! Will have to save hard for the cost of it all but also to buy lots of goodies. Best not give up work then. I do a pamphlet run every week which is my scrap money, and usually have some private supervision clients on the go too. Now, what more could I fit in?...or sell?...or something. Am loving those huge chipboard letters (Pressed Petals??)...must have some of those.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

yay, yah...tomorow's Friday

Well here are some more layouts. Have to even up the boys here or I'll be in trouble. These 2 are of Toby, my 2nd eldest son. They look better iRL of course. I like the little boy one coz i just do. The colour blocked one is when he had his long ringlets cut into a stunning mullet and I took the camera to the hairdresser to record it. He has such personality and these layouts reflect that I think.
I so need a weekend and a crop with Yolande is a bonus. Bring it on. Frantically printing more photos so I can speed scrap again!!! And register for scrapcamp..yeah. My boys have told me "scrapcamp!!! Mum you are definitely crazy" Hopefully will see some of you Saturday