Friday, October 03, 2008

A busy (but slightly lighter and fitter) blogger, he, he, he goes without saying... I've been a bad blogger. But I prefer to be thought of as a busy blogger. Not been doing any scrap stuff, unless you count the odd card. Just work, my private practice (on top of my fulltime job) and stuff for the whanau... my elderly mother and my beautiful grandaughter included.
So here is what is happening in bullet points:
- 12 week challenge going well. I'm now on week 7, I feel trimmer, fitter and I've lost just on 5kg. Yeeehaaa.
- DH and I are off for a holiday today (leaving kids and someone in our house) We are heading to Napier then down to Martinborough for a few days to do some wine things. Then we are in Wellington for a while and I'm going to SENZ and then we come home. We are both so looking forward to a) the break and b) spending some time together (we don't see each other much coz of our work hours) and c) him doing lots of photography and me going to SENZ.
- Life just goes on really.

If you are at SENZ and read my blog, please say Hi if you recognise me from my piccie. My hair is very red at the moment :-)
I'm doing 6 classes so I will be around most days.

I'll update with some holiday stories on my return



Penny said...

Good on ya on the lightening and ..uh... fitness-ing ;-)

Enjoy SENZ and your holiday - it sounds an excellent sort of holiday to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra

can't believe we missed you at SENZ. Heard you were there but still never saw you. I was helping teach classes with Rachel but that was only once a day so was mooching around rest of the time. Oh well maybe we will see you at scrap camp in Feb!??


Anonymous said...

I do hope you had a good time ... especially in Wellington as I do love that place and the longer I stay away from it the more determined I am to go back there to live ... I dont care that its cold - I love the place. Andrea