Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year....

...and welcome to 2008. I have been up for an hour and have started the year with some time on the erg (rowing machine), the ab machine and the home gym. I didn't do a lot but it's a start. I have started walking more about a month ago and now I need to tone as well....watch this space!!

DH and I are in "get sorted and under control around the house mode" We have made a decision to look at putting our house on the market towards the end of this year. Most of you will not realise what a huge mission that will be. I kid you not...it is a very ambitious project.
A brief history of our home. We bought it in 1986. It had 8 bedrooms, 2 lounges/bathrooms/loos and an office and a games room. For the first 10 - 12 years we had many other young people live with us, including a stint fostering teens for the then DSW (now CYF's) About 6 or 7 years ago we decided to make it a little more like a family home and less like an institution lol.
So we started some alterations...knocking out walls etc. We had both architect and interior designer input (low key) BUT WE ONLY EVER STARTED!!! What with job disasters and losing Olly, motivation and funds became very low. In the last few months we have got back into it again and have begun to get somewhere. The idea is it will be a 6 bedroom family home with master ensuite etc. But we haven't done much (any lol) maintenence on it in the 20 years or so really.
It's a BIG JOB!! But we are determined (and on a shoestring budget)

I am going to use this blog to document our progress. I need to scrap it too as I have some photos.

Watch this space.

Today is simply - sort out the study and the pantry day. Baby steps really...but do you realise how much junk you can accumulate when you have lots of rooms and you live there for 21 years.

Will keep you all posted.

Caio for now


Penny said...

Happy new year! Good luck with the project - it sounds like a big one.

Angela said...

Oooh, looking forward to see the work in progress photos, would so love to have a bigger house, even just 1 more room would be nice, so cannot imagine what it must be like to be 'downsizing'.

Baby steps, did you get the study and the pantry done like planned.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to viewing your "progress" .... happy new year to you all. Hope 2008 is fantastic!