Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bliss... a clean self. A long hot shower late this afternoon. Now all DH has to do is sort out the minor leaks with a bit of silicone. Although we have put a new shower in the UPSTAIRS bathroom...we are actually renovating the DOWNSTAIRS bathroom. But because the upstairs shower needed replacing eventually we put a new one in before we put the ceiling in the downstairs..if that makes any sense...because the bathrooms are on top of each other. Next step is gibbing and stopping the downstairs bathroom, laundry and hallway (well half the hallway) Oh, and putting the bath in downstairs. These are all exciting changes seeing as we demolished walls about 5 or 6 years ago and have lived with framing and no function ever since.

Big news is Abby and Izzy move next weekend or the weekend after and we have big 2 day rowing regattas both days. Challenge will be to get them to take all their stuff and not leave their rubbish...but not take any of our stuff. I guess in the big picture I'm not really fussed. Although I will miss them dearly, I know they need their own space and I will feel a little more in control of the house.

Exciting news for DS (17) A Jewish camp 2 hours out of New York is intersted in him and we are heading to Auckland next week for an interview. The place sounds amazing and once he has a definite locality I think it will become all the more real for him. What an exciting adventure he will have.

We have installed the awesome statue (? the right description of it) in the garden. I'm not sure it's in the right place yet but we can move it.

Caio for now

Edited to add...sorry about the blurry photo...nightime photography after a couple of!!


Penny said...

Really nice sculpture!

Good to hear the shower is back in action too. I feel so much better if I can have a shower each day.

Anonymous said...

Yay that is awesome about your Son possibly getting a summer camp and you having a shower back again! What is the name of the camp as if it is the one i think it could be it rocks!

Donna said...

I can't begin to comprehend how you have dealt with the loss of your son in grieving terms, but I think a sculpture is a wonderful thing to have. It looks fantastic - great choice.
We have had about 8 years whoa to go on our house - I can totally relate to your delight at any improvements!! Enjoy!!