Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday night before a rowing regatta...

- a trip to the supermarket to buy supplies
- cooking bacon for bacon and egg baps
- assembling a lunch for everyone including healthy buns for me and DH, B&E baps for DS x2, creamed rice for the rower, meusli bars ++ for snacks, juice, fruit, water bottles, flasks for making coffee at some ungodly hour of the morning when we leave, and maybe I might bake something yummy (or maybe not)
- find the binoculars, fold out chairs, something to read, camera, cap, sunblock, insect repellant, rain jacket, blanket etc, etc
Quickly do some housework coz I'm stuck at Karapiro all weekend.

Dilemma is ... do I spend the petrol and risk missing DS's race and sneak off to Hamilton to visit Create or Scrapbook Inn or Spotlight (and risk spending $$ I don't need to spend but gosh it's fun!!!!) while I am there or do I be the loyal parent and sit on those (very uncomfortable) fold out chairs all day to watch 2 races....I mean ALL DAY here...we will leave at 6am and get back at about 6pm when...on Sat night...I repeat it all again for Sun lol.

Did I mention that I do really love that our kids row. It is a wonderful sport.

:-} I am so glad Monday is Auck anniversary weekend and a public holiday in out neck of the woods.


Ps: I and A and my lovely mokopuna moved out today.

I'm thrilled they have their own place now but sad as well. I will miss them.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you as you adjust to a quieter household. I'm sure it will also be an adjustment not having your family as accessible, especially Taylor.

As for your weekend, I guess that's what it's going to be like for me in a few years time! O well, I guess I'll come to you for help when it comes!!


Mel said...

Oh no baby moving out. At least that makes babysitting something to look forward to.

And enjoiy the fact that your boys still like you watching them row. That's cool

Penny said...

Saw lots of rowing type persons on our travels south n north this weekend and thought of you :) Hope it all went well and you solved you dilemma!

The house will be quiet with no Taylor! But, all the more special to have visits.

Anonymous said...

Gee how will you cope without Taylor ???? Love your new template ... hope you are having a good time tonight! Telecom have finally got me connected up again so I have liftoff. Although I have got a hell of a lot done without being on the net every available hour.