Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ok..Progress so far....

...or should I say "lack of progress so far". Got the pantry tidy and the study sort of under control. Why is it that piles of paper will always look messy???

Now the plumber saga!! DH organised with DS for his mate (who is a plumber) to come on Thurs to replumb the shower upstairs (currently the only operating bathroom we have).... DH gets up on Thurs and rips out the old shower.... it's Saturday and the shower STILL looks like that. The new base is in but we can't do any more until the plumber replumbs it so we can put the new fitting in and the new walls up. And he still hasn't come. We are all off to my mums for a shower this afternoon!! Apparantly said plumber is waiting for someone to get back from holiday coz his tools are in his car. Bad move on our part getting DS's mate to do it. Maybe we've learnt for next time...I hope.

As per the SBO forum I have chosen a word for this year for me. This year my word is


Next few posts I will record what I learnt/achieved with last years word which was SPACE.

Lastly a beautiful photo of my darling grandaughter to cheer me up coz I have no shower lol.



Anonymous said...

... She is lovely ...

Mel said...

Good luck with the shower - having just come home from camping for 3 days and no shower I know what it's like!

DH and I were just talking tonight about some exterior house painting we need done. We've decided to pay a stranger rather than ask a friend who's a painter - in case it turns to custard!

Penny said...

I hope you can get clean soon. ;)

Taylor is looking very sweet!