Saturday, January 12, 2008


...we still have no shower. Now it looks like this....

Luckily DH has been away for work for a week in a motel in Auck and DS's have beeen at training camp for rowing. I and A have been going to A's mums for a shower and I have alternated with having one at work and one at my Mum's. But I want my bathroom back. DH gets back this afternoon so hopefully will sort it all out. Not a good start to getting sorted this year but never mind.

I've done a bit of scrapping in the last while....mainly of the lovely Taylor. It is such a novelty for me to scrap baby girl pages and buying lots of girly scrapping stuff. I have just ordered some Basic Grey Two Scoops which is divine!!!
I will post more LO's over the next few days but here are 2 I have done in the last 2 days.

I did a bit of tidying up in the garden last week and we have bought a scupture for our garden in honour of Olly. We were given $$ to put towards it 3 years ago and have just managed to bring ourselves to buy something. Will post a pic once it is in my garden. I have found this Christmas/New Year has been hard with the number of all just reminds us of what we have been through, how much we miss him etc. If anyone thinks I am a together sort of person, be assured that not far below the surface is a blubbering grieving mess. It only takes one tragedy in another part of the country to 'bring it all back'.

Trust me...I don't believe there is ever such a thing as "over it"!!!

Enough said. Sad to hear about Sir Edmund Hillary's death yesterday. He was a great man and my thoughts are with his family who are grieving the passing of a beloved husband, father and grandfather.


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Penny said...


Beautiful LO and what a gorgeous outfit that sailor suit is!

Bummer about the shower situation though. :/